10 Years World Travel Recap (Wood World Travel Map Part 2)

In partnership with Enjoy the Wood, we talk about our decade of world travel while pinning the countries we’ve been to. All 42 of them!

In part 1, we give a tour of our new apartment and this really cool wood world map that was gifted to us by Enjoy the Wood. In this video, part 2, we pin the countries we’ve been to while briefly sharing stories from the 42 countries we’ve visited over the last 10 years.

If you like it, perhaps we’ll make videos talking about specific countries and the adventures we’ve had. What do you think?

Until then, here are some links/websites mentioned in the video:

Enjoy the Wood World Map (affiliate link): ttps://enjoythewood.com/?rfsn=4791916.302afc

La Senda Verde animal refuge in Bolivia: (This is an AMAZING organization in Bolivia where you can donate or go volunteer for 14 days or longer, helping to give a good life to animals suffering from illegal trafficking. I’d also encourage you to look into organizations in your own country that are doing good things for animals. Maybe adopt a dog like we did 🙂

Now more than ever, these organizations need our help.

Where we’ve been?

Canada, USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Cuba, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Palau, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Dubai, Jordan, Egypt, Israel, India, Nepal, England, Greenland, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and the Czech Republic. (Also France when we went to St. Pierre and Miquelon)


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