11 Superb Picks for Takeout in Parc-Ex


souvlaki pita
Rotisserie Panama/Facebook

Featuring a plethora of Indian and Greek

In a city as rapidly gentrifying as Montreal, natural wine bars cranking out small and seasonal sharing plates and third-wave coffee shops pouring nut milk lattes at the ready abound. But in the predominantly immigrant, working-class neighbourhood of Parc-Ex, there’s pretty much none of that.

Save for one big-name newcomer, the spots featured on this list are serving Greek and Indian fare reflecting the communities that have nestled here over the past decades. Be it a hearty curry or hefty plate of souvlaki, diners will get their fill on restaurant-lined streets of Jean Talon, Jarry, and a few others in between. And if your restaurant of choice is closed for the day or has stopped taking orders early, don’t fear: there’s likely something just as good only a few doors down.

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