12 Excellent Panettone Purveyors Serving Up Sweet Bread in Montreal Right Now


Elena/Matthew Perrin

It’s that time of year again

The appeal of panettone — much less where to procure the best one — can be a divisive topic among family and friends. There are those who insist they “just don’t get it,” while some start stocking up as soon as the holiday sweet bread hits shelves come mid-fall. Others, still, maintain that they have no qualms with the idea of a boxed, cellophane-wrapped Italian dessert, but would much prefer a slice of pandoro, the celestially shaped, powder-sugar-dusted cousin of the panettone. Even once you think you’ve found the right person to share in your panettone passion, chances are, there’s one more knotty conversation to be had: dried fruit or not?

In this guide, we feature Montreal restaurants, cafés, counters, and bakeries that either carry a handpicked selection of imported panettoni (that’s the plural form in Italian) or their own creations. There are other spots, such as Fruiterie Milano’s and Berchicci in St-Leonard, that boast elaborate displays of brightly hued packages, but picking one from from the many that line their shelves can feel like a shot in the dark for anyone without a cognoscente in toe. The establishments on this list have done the bidding for you.

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