14 Super Soups to Warm Up With in Montreal

Hof Kelsten/Facebook

Slurp up bowls of pho, cazuela, or matzo ball soup to stave off the cold weather blues

A steaming bowl of soup is the culinary equivalent to a warm hug from an old friend — something that is in short supply as Montrealers continue to abide by red zone regulations. We love a good bowl of soup year round but when the weather drops below zero and the first snow fall has arrived, a serving of soup comes as an instant escape.

Whether you’re in search of a stick-to-your-ribs serving of laksa or a tried-and-true bowl of tomato soup, these are some of our favourite spots in the city. Note that while only one spot for each ramen and pho are included below, this guide and this one come through with more options.

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