15 Delightful Montreal Pizzerias Open For Takeout and Delivery

Bottega Pizzeria/Facebook

From a greasy all-dressed pie to fancier Neapolitan options, there’s still a decent selection of pizza available right now

While plenty of Montreal restaurants have had to reinvent themselves as take-out or delivery businesses, one sector of the industry was able to adjust rapidly: pizzerias. Plus, if you’re feeling stressed out by the state of the world right now, pizza is a comforting option, and in many cases, relatively affordable.

Not every pizza purveyor in town remains open during the COVID-19 crisis, but here are 16 great bets for ordering pizza right now. Take note that some of the pizzerias listed here have shuffled their hours, or are not open every day (we’ve tried to include these details where possible, but be aware that the information below may be subject to change). A couple of restaurants below only offer pick-up options, not delivery — this is noted where possible, too.

Lastly, where possible, it’s best to place orders directly with the pizza places, rather than through apps like Uber Eats, so more money goes into the hands of small business owners. In many cases, you can still have your pie delivered, as a solid number of pizzerias employ their own delivery drivers.

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