18 Last-Minute Christmas Takeout Options in Montreal


For all those who haven’t mastered the art of pre-ordering

Even during normal times, much of Montreal, including many of its restaurants, shuts down on Christmas day. In previous years that has meant that, for many, fine wine and foie gras got swapped out for house wine and roast turkey, but with holiday gatherings banned due to a surge in the coronavirus, even that’s now off the table.

Earlier this month we published a map highlighting spots that released special Christmas menus with all the fixings. However, enjoying many of those on Christmas day required some foresight; for the most part, pre-orders have already closed. That’s where this current map, for all the stragglers who haven’t been able — or couldn’t be bothered — to plan ahead, comes in. It includes some options from Chinatown (where many restaurants will remain open on the day), some meaty French fare, and some Indian, Tunisian, and Afghan dishes, too.

Note that most restaurants on this guide are also open Christmas Eve and other days around the holiday — check their websites or social media for precise details.

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