2020: A Test of Mindset

It’s easy to make an excuse. It’s difficult to admit failure. 2020 was not the year anyone predicted but look, we got through it. It’s natural to create excuses for ourselves and justify our actions- or lack thereof- because we want to avoid confronting our own inability to take risk or achieve our goals. Yes, 2020 was difficult, especially if you are a front-line worker or business owner, but it was also a test of our ability to persevere. If you are unhappy with your accomplishments in 2020, admit it! It’s okay to fail and reflect on where you went wrong but it’s not okay to fail and wallow in your defeat. Entering the new year without any direction will only push you further into the hole you dug in 2020. 

2020: An Opportunity 

We need to stop looking at 2020 as “the worst year ever,” as a change in perspective will allow us to see the positivity in a year that was challenging. Everyone was forced to adjust, pivot and fail but it was up to the individual to try again and try harder. We were able to experience solitude and reset in a world that rarely slows down which in itself was a gift! Reveling in defeat creates a cycle of self-doubt, lack of ambition and fear. 

I can’t say that 2020 wasn’t challenging but it was an OPPORTUNITY to show resilience and push yourself to achieve under circumstances that you may want to succumb to. We can’t control what happens to us but we have complete autonomous control over our reactions. Nothing worth achieving in life is easy and nothing worth accomplishing is accompanied by certainty. We made it through uncomfortable circumstances and going forward we should feel strength in knowing we are able to persevere and push harder next time. 

Give Ourselves a Break? . 

We’re in the final stretch! We’ve made it through lockdowns, financial uncertainty, health struggles and more; now is the time to sprint to the other side! There are a lot of people who are preaching “taking it easy” in 2021 because we “survived a pandemic” but this wasn’t a WAR! It’s natural to make excuses to avoid risk or the admittance of failure but we’re so close to getting through the pandemic that now is the time to push even harder. When you succeed amidst difficult circumstances you’ll feel proud of your resilience and thank yourself for trying. 

Why is it Important to Set Goals? 

Instead of giving in to the challenges of 2020, holding ourselves accountable will give us direction and a sense of control amidst the ruins. Just because you failed or didn’t accomplish what you wanted to in 2020 doesn’t mean you’re a failure, it just means you didn’t try hard enough. Keeping a clear vision of your goals will help you achieve this year; you can stay in control of your life by prioritizing your success. It’s important to set goals because they will keep you on track no matter what situation you find yourself in. 

Anything is possible if you prioritize and work towards it. Don’t let yourself succumb to your circumstances and don’t blame your circumstance for your failure because ultimately YOU are in control.

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