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Mid-Harvest Garden Update

There’s the main gate into the fence version 1.0 of the garden. Uh, about that… … we’ve had small (ie they haven’t eaten everything) but persistent problems with a deer getting into the garden this season. I thought we had found its means of entry, and maybe we did, but it’s back. Mr. Ferdzy has decided to put a…

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This Saturday is Food Day Canada

Join us this Saturday, August 1st for Food Day Canada – a celebration of our nationwide favourite foods, ingredients and all the people involved in our culinary experiences! From the farmers in the fields to the chefs and restaurateurs to the grocery stores and food supplies, and finally, the families that enjoy our quality foods, we are celebrating everything food-related! Need…

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Garlic Scapes, The Veggie You’ve Been Missing Out On

Ever wondered what those thin, vibrantly green and curly stalks from the bulbs of hardneck garlic plants are? Those are called garlic scapes!  Those stems are usually harvested from the bulb before they can produce flowers. That way, the plant doesn’t channel all its energy in making the scape – leaving the garlic bulb small and flavourless.  They’re very…

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Zucchini Tuna Melt

Tuna Melts, I must say, are not my favourite thing. When I was young and stupid I ordered one at the cafeteria in Simpson’s Department Store, in downtown Toronto. So yes; a long time ago. To my surprise it had been made in advance and was served cold. Even worse, it tasted “off” somehow. Since I had been raised…

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Cheesy Baked Creamed Spinach

If you make this with frozen spinach, you can cut off half an hour of prep time. Use about 225 grams (1/2 pound). Actually, I think if you buy it, it comes in 10 ounce packets, which, by the time you have squeezed it out should be about right. You will need to thaw it in advance, of course….

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Chicken Thighs Packed with Sorrel

This has been a very good spring for sorrel. The cool temperatures have brought it on slowly and it has been extremely tender and delicious and even a little less slug-ridden than usual. Using it to stuff chicken thighs like this is a clever use for it; the fact that it turns a fairly unappetizing khaki green when cooked…

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Raspberry Vinegar Chicken

Cooking meat with vinegar is a very ancient technique; the Anglo-Saxons are known to have used it. More recently, chicken with vinegar has been seen as a traditional French dish, with a Paul Bocuse recipe becoming quite popular. That one has wine vinegar and tomatoes, and I may try it some time. But right now, it’s raspberry time, and…

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