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The Proper Way to Assistance Your Team During COVID-19, According to a Cooking Area Employee

Shutterstock At one Verdun restaurant, workers are treated equal partners in an organization — and that made a big difference during the coronavirus crisis Although I’ve been a filmmaker and freelance media producer for over a decade, my main source of income often comes from hourly wages in kitchens: I’ve worked everywhere from industrial dining rooms, to hole-in-a-wall take-out joints,…

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Mid Harvest Yard Update

As ever, the garden looks great – majestic, even – from a distance. My birthday has come and gone, however, and I regard my birthday as a seasonal turning point. Summer is not over, but it has rounded the corner towards autumn. Unlike last year, we are getting an absolutely bumper crop of blackberries. I’ve made some (thin and…

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Old Montreal Restaurateurs Are Agitating For Authorization to Reopen Eating Rooms

An empty street in the Old Montreal neighborhood. | Nicolas McComber/Getty Images The Quebec government has outlined various phases for reopening, but isn’t giving any specific dates to restaurants A number of Montreal restaurateurs took to the streets on Wednesday, protesting the lack of information they’ve received about when they can potentially reopen their dining rooms. According to the…

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‘It’s a Window, Not a Life’

With protests against police brutality and anti-Black violence breaking out across the globe, business owners attempt to balance personal loss with the need for systemic change

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Batter Pizza with Squash Blossoms

Without any sauce or cheese, this is closer to what gets called a focaccia  around here. However, this soft yeasted batter bread seems to be mostly called a pizza in Italy, especially when paired with squash blossoms. Focaccia, I think, is generally thicker. Whatever you want to call it, I was pleased with the results. I used neither anchovies…

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Montreal’s Restaurants Will Be Permitted to Open Up Dining-room on June 22

Terrasse dining will be encouraged during Montreal’s first reopening phase | TravnikovStudio/Shutterstock Tables will be spaced out, servers will be required to wear plastic visors, and terrasse dining will be encouraged Restaurants in Montreal will be allowed to open their dining rooms again on June 22, three full months after the provincial government ordered them to close to prevent…

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