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The Perfect At-Home Date: A Sensorial Wine Night-In — a ‘Tasting Reimagined’

This one-of-a-kind multi-sensory wine tasting is the perfect way to do something special, with a special someone, from the comfort of your home. Principle Fine Wines’ unique virtually led ‘Tasting Reimagined’ wine tasting of ‘The Prisoner’ wine, will lead you to truly allow your senses to come alive!   While taking a trip to a new wine destination for…

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“After dancing, the world looks brighter to me”: How a daily Zoom dance party keeps this Toronto mom from losing it in lockdown

“When I shake my body, my emotions rise up to the surface. My dancing becomes joyful. And then I can look at my kids and notice that they’re cute again” The post “After dancing, the world looks brighter to me”: How a daily Zoom dance party keeps this Toronto mom from losing it in lockdown appeared first on Toronto…

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Our Top 20 Ontario Beers of 2020

Tara Rafiq photo illustration Sure, 2020 was punctuated by lockdowns and significant changes for the brewing industry in Ontario, but it hasn’t stopped our province’s brewers from releasing new and exciting beers. Plus, 2020 is not all bad. It has mercifully stopped arguments over whether children are allowed in tap rooms. No one is allowed in them. I’ve asked…

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The Montreal Restaurant Pivots That Industry Experts Hope Will Last Through 2021

> OMLT/Facebook Frozen margherita pizzas, pinball machine rentals, a Spanish-tortilla-only menu, and the rise in local delivery startups As is tradition at Eater, we close the year by asking a group of food writers, bloggers, and others about town to weigh in on the year in food. Their answers — unedited (except for grammar) and in no particular order…

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Lentils with Smoked Sausage

Lentils and other coin-like foods – like carrot slices, maybe – are traditional “good luck” foods for New Year’s Eve, as is pork, for its richness. I can get some awfully good local raw smoked sausage these days, and I’m prepared to eat this at just about any time on account of how it’s just plain tasty, as well…

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Top 6 in the 6ix: Holiday Drink Personalities

We each have our own personality, which defines our character and how people see us, as we enter into the holiday season and start to shop for the people we love, a strategically selected wine or spirit is always the perfect gift! This season there is a drink fit for every personality! Freixenet Cordon Negro #1 – Extroverted Entertainer…

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