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Latest Shiller Lavy Listing Reignites Discussions of Mile End Gentrification

> Taras Grecoe/Twitter We’ve seen this before with the exit of institutions like queer café Le Cagibi and 35-year-old Boulangerie Clarke An “à louer” (for rent) sign from much-maligned Montreal real estate firm Shiller Lavy spotted in the window of beloved second-hand bookshop S.W. Welch on St-Viateur Street has reinvigorated concerns about the impact of gentrification on the Mile…

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Virtual VQA Wine Tastings are our new online activity of choice

Do something a little different on your weekly friendship zoom, try a virtual wine tasting! Wineries across Ontario are offering a myriad of unique and engaging ways to explore the diverse world of VQA wines – from the comfort of your own home. Here’s a few tastings we’re looking forward to, but of course, head to for more! Unapologetic…

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Raising our voice: Restaurants Canada calls for continued industry support at federal finance committee meeting

On Feb. 25, Restaurants Canada Executive Vice President Lauren van den Berg was invited to present testimony to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance (FINA), which was meeting to discuss COVID-19 spending and programs. Her presentation provided an overview of the devastating impacts that the pandemic has had on the Canadian foodservice industry, as well as an…

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Tomato, Macaroni, & Cheese Soup

This is too simple and homely a dish to justify taking 2 pots to make, but there it is. It does. I have to rate it as worth it, because it’s the fabulous marriage of 2 popular comfort foods. As usual, we ate it all. It’s soup, but it’s really also the main event. All it needs is a bit…

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Making the Most of a Small Space in 2021

>Small spaces have always made big demands when it comes to function and style. This will be especially true in 2021 and beyond, as the cost of real estate continues to rise across the country, living spaces get smaller (and arguably more efficient!), and lifestyle shifts are prompting us all to spend more time living, working and entertaining at…

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Why the Toronto Condo Market WILL Bounce Back

>There’s no denying that Covid-19 had a dramatic impact on Toronto’s housing and condo market, and at this time last year, no one could have predicted what would happen next: a deep but very temporary blip in market activity in the spring, followed by a summertime boom in some property segments and a bust in others. A number of…

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