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City Grown: Top Urban Farms of Toronto

Originally published June 6, 2015 Updated May 31, 2021 Urban agriculture operations like Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) programs, rooftop farms & small commercial enterprises have been cropping up over the years throughout Toronto. As a leader in the space, the city has shown that urban spaces have enormous potential for agriculture. So what do these spaces look like? Where…

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A Guide to the Amazing Cheese of Northern Ontario

Ontario is known for it’s artisanal cheese – in fact, we’ve been making cheese here since the 1600s, with the first cheese factory opening in 1840.  Did you know that some of Ontario’s most awarded and celebrated cheeses are made in the North? With the vast swaths of grasslands for grazing and several industrious farmer-led dairy cooperatives operating in…

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All The Summer Beauty Launches To Know About

>We might not be able to really go anywhere other than the grocery store, but when we do, we want to look as fierce as possible, yes? If looking and feeling your best are important to you then allow me to introduce you to some of the season’s hottest and most notable beauty launches. Summer beauty launches are the…

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Pizza Crackers

Reduced carb crackers have been a very handy thing for me. I’ve been making these ones off and on all winter, and while they are really very good they gave me a lot of trouble to perfect. I started by putting cheese in them, but they have so many other flavours going on that it could hardly be tasted,…

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7 Tips to Help You Win in Multiple Offers

>There’s no doubt that the Toronto real estate market is more competitive than ever. High demand and low inventory mixed in with low pricing strategies has created bidding wars and over asking sold prices. So how does a buyer set themselves up competitively to win in today’s market? You may be wondering how you could possibly win in multiple…

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Then vs Now: Yorkville

>I’ve found that one of my favourite things to tell someone who hasn’t lived in Toronto for very long is that Yorkville was once the centre of the city’s countercultural scene. They’re usually surprised. Why shouldn’t they be? Yorkville is almost unrecognizable from The Village of 60 years ago, and the neighbourhood is mostly condominiums and boutiques. How did…

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Meet Jeff Ryan, Executive Chef at Wharf & Feather in Kingston

Everyone knows that the best parties always end up in the kitchen. Meet Chef Jeff Ryan, the Executive Chef of Wharf & Feather at the Holiday Inn Kingston-Waterfront. JEFF RYAN   WHARF & FEATHER Kingston, ON   What is your favorite seasonal ingredient? Without a doubt butternut squash. Autumn always provides an abundance of goodies, including apples, root vegetables,…

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Why Distributing Food Alone Won’t Solve Food Insecurity

FoodShare’s executive director, Paul Taylor, explains the complex reasons for food insecurity and offers up solutions large and small. When FoodShare launched in Toronto in 1985, its mission was to establish food security in underserved communities. Since then, it’s come to understand that hunger isn’t just a problem to be solved—it’s the consequence of structural inequalities that overwhelmingly impact…

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