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Toronto Is Going To Be Home To A Multi-Sensory Resto Bar

We’ve seen some pretty crazy dining concepts here in The 6ix for a long time. And each one has been as memorable as the last. From dining in the dark to jungle-themed brunches, it’s been quite the ride. This newest creation, however, is unlike any other. We’re talking about a multi-sensory resto bar for a unique and interactive experience….

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All The Shoes You Need This Fall Season

Fall is here and that means it’s boots season. It’s hard not to buy a new pair of boots every year because there are so many styles to choose from. However, if there’s one thing we know for sure it’s that having options is important. Of course, not everyone wears boots every day, most people alternate with other shoes…

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Here’s Why You Need to Have Your Wedding in Toronto

The union between two individuals in the tradition of matrimony is a sacred tradition meant to express love and devotion to the person in which one intends to share their life with. While locations such as Niagara, Las Vegas and Atlantic City are often the first one might think of when searching for the perfect destination to tie the…

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Here’s Where You Can Get Pizza Donuts In Toronto

There is certainly no shortage of innovative food ideas in The 6ix. Another one on that list? Pizza donuts in Toronto. Based on pizza fritta, which is fried pizza from in Southern-central Italy, the dish is a popular item in the country. And now Torontonians can enjoy it as well! RELATED: This Canadian Brand Was Spotted on Squid Game…

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Veggie Breeding Final Assessment for 2021

  This was an exasperating season for just about everything. A hot, dry start followed by wet and if not actually cool, then not particularly warm temperatures from July on made for a trying growing season. Most beans stopped producing by the end of August, overwhelmed with anthracnose. The good news is that the three crosses we’ve been growing…

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