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Taste Real wants you to Eat Up Your February

Did you know you can eat local food year-round? While some might associate locally grown food mainly with summer farmers’ markets filled with local fruit and produce or farm side stands fully loaded with corn or squash, the folks at Guelph-Wellington Taste Real guarantee that you will find local products on store shelves year-round – even during the cold…

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12th Annual Seed Catalogue Review

Wow! I find it hard to believe I’ve been reviewing the seed catalogues for 12 years now, but here we are. So, what seems to be new this year?  Fenugreek grown for greens suddenly seem to be a bit of a thing, (and fenugreek as a seasoning is having a moment too, I notice). There continues to be high…

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Vegan Fried Chicken Anyone? This Plant-Based Pop-Up Is For You

The vegan scene in Toronto continues to flourish and it’s exciting to see. No matter what type of vegan food you’re in the mood for, there’s a place within the city’s sprawling neighbourhoods. This includes Stefano’s Sandwiches, a plant-based pop-up on Trinity Bellwoods.  RELATED: Kim’s Convenience Star Andrea Bang Leads All-Asian Cast In New Animated Show >>  PHOTO: COURTESY…

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Our First time in Kamloops, British Columbia (Hiking, Wildlife, Food & Fishing)

After years of passing through Kamloops, we finally decided to stay and explore. In this video, we show you some popular things to do in Kamloops, such as exploring the BC Wildlife Park, hiking, fishing, and more! You can also learn about Kamloops at #Kamloops #BritishColumbia #ThingstoDoinKamloops ** Like Canada? Like Us? Like Our Videos? Please hit subscribe, give…

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