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Improving Your Digestive Health With AOR 

It’s safe to say that there are several factors to consider when talking about one’s digestive health. Starting with the types of foods people consume to the kind of lifestyle they adhere to, each person’s digestion will be impacted differently. Sometimes, it can be as simple as making sure to drink enough water or building up an exercise routine…

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Celebrate #30DaysofVQA this May

To celebrate our love for local and help kick off the 2022 growing season, we are once again celebrating #30DaysofVQA this May! Join in on the #30DaysofVQA on Instagram and Twitter. There are plenty of ways you can celebrate #30DaysofVQA this month: 1 Explore Ontario Wine Country from home with the NEW 2022/23 Travel Guide The 2022/23 Wine Country…

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Spring in to the County

Welcome warm weather with a weekend in PEC Slake’s brewery is set into the side of a limestone hill overlooking some of PEC’s vineyards and lush green scenery. Supplied photoAlthough the pandemic has put a damper on travel over the last little while, this spring gives you a chance to explore some destinations right in our own backyard. Prince…

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A Korean-Themed Bar Concept Is Coming To Toronto

The era of speakeasy places and secret dining spots is on the rise in The 6ix. The concept has always been an appealing one, so it’s no surprise that more are slowly creeping up. One of the newer upcoming ones is Korean-themed, brought to Torontonians by the same team behind 156 Cumberland. The restaurant has come to be known…

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Is This Toronto Restaurant Moving to Miami?

If you frequent the Yorkville dining scene, chances are you’ve had the chance to explore this restaurant. From its beautiful red interior to stunning (and delicious) dishes, this spot is definitely a Toronto gem. Although the past two years have been extremely difficult for the restaurant industry, it seems we’re officially on the other side! In the near future,…

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Ontario’s most famous doughnuts are worth a road trip!

We take our doughnuts pretty seriously in Ontario, and for good reason: Canada famously has more doughnut shops per capita than any other country. (Perhaps that’s why we eat more doughnuts than any other country too!) What’s more, Ontario is home to some of the most interesting, original doughnuts around. From Thunder Bay to Ottawa, here’s where you can…

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