25 Standout Restaurants in Montreal’s Plateau


Chez José/Facebook

Be it bibimbap, kafta, or poutine, there’s something for everyone

Montreal’s bohemian ilk have ventured in all directions for ungentrified frontiers, but the Plateau, with its highly-walkable streets and colourful early 20th-century facades, continues to impress — especially in the food department. Sure, the Plateau offers up some of the city’s most iconic foods and restaurants, like poutine, rotisserie chicken, and smoked meat (La BanquiseRomadosSchwartz’s, respectively), plus famed establishments for finer dining (Au Pied de CochonL’Express), but there are also ample options for other eats worth trying.

Many diners may be happy to make a choice based on strolls along the Plateau’s main strips such as St. Laurent, Duluth, or Mont-Royal, but it’s worth perusing its side streets for some charming neighbourhood gems.

While the Mile End is officially part of the Plateau, that neighbourhood, with its large number of establishments, is covered on a separate map. For the purpose of this map, the boundaries of the Plateau are defined as such: Sherbrooke to the South, Saint-Urbain to the west, and the train tracks to the north and east.

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