3 Key Reasons to Start Personalizing Your Skincare Routine

>We’re all different. Our genetics, upbringing, education, culture, and individual experiences all help make us who we are and shape how we see the world. 

This of course includes our physical appearance as well. From your smile and your eyes to your haircut and your height, there are a lot of identifying characteristics — either obvious or subtle — that combine to define how you look to those who know you best. 

Then there is also our skin. There may be a few certain types and categories, but skincare requires a personalized touch. Each of us needs our own individual routines to keep our skin healthy and looking as good as possible.

As you’re trying to personalize your own skincare routine, be sure the keep the following factors in mind.

1. Skin Types

While we are all as individual as a snowflake, there are broad categories that most of us fall into when it comes to skin types. The four general categories are: dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, and normal skin. The first two are relatively self explanatory, while combination skin is a mix of the two and so-called “normal” skin belongs to those fortunate people who don’t lean too far in either direction. None of these types are necessarily good or bad, but understanding where you fall on the spectrum will help in terms of buying the right products and applying the right strategies.

2. Personal Goals

In most walks of life, we all have different goals. This is one of the key reasons that skincare will never be one size fits all. People who suffer from breakouts and acne will likely see prevention as the top priority. Older people may want to reduce the appearance of fine lines and work to counteract damage that has already occurred. Younger people with few major issues need to work on protection and staving off wrinkles as long as they can. Your routine should be designed for your own objectives that change over time — not based upon general principles alone.

3. Knowing Yourself

Consistency is the key to any good skincare routine. No one regimen or product on any one day will save you. This is something you have to incorporate into your life and stick with if you want to actually see results. 

Still, you shouldn’t reinvent everything overnight and attempt to practice a routine that you can’t possibly keep up. If you’re the type who simply knows nightly rituals will fall apart as you doze off on the couch often, it doesn’t make sense to make this the cornerstone of your plan. The same goes for late risers who always struggle to get out the door in time for work. Don’t let yourself off the hook and make excuses, but be realistic and don’t set yourself up for failure either.

Building Your Skincare Routine

As they say, knowledge is half the battle. Even just understanding these three basic factors will do wonders for helping you build — and stick to — a personalized skincare routine.

Start by recognizing your skin type and problem areas. Then try to figure out what your goals are as you build a routine. Finally, don’t try to force yourself into an impractical routine that will never work. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.

All this, combined with researching and experimenting with the right products, will have you looking and feeling better in no time.

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