3 No-Equipment Youtube Workout Challenges To Try Based On Your Fitness Level

YouTube is a great free platform to find incredible workouts. While individual workouts are all you need for a quick fix, I encourage you to check out the below month-long challenges. As the name suggests, they are a challenge – but the results are certainly worth it! 

erica steeves

Beginner: Lottie Murphy – “24 Days of Pilates”

This beginner Pilates challenge is great for anyone starting their fitness journey. The classes are generally low impact and range from 10-30 minutes. Lottie’s voice is incredibly soothing – especially while holding plank! These exercises are easy to follow along with but will still make you feel the burn. 

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Intermediate: MrandMrsMuscle – “Just Workout Squad – 30-Day Workout Challenge!”

Mrs Muscle takes us through an excellent 30-day challenge of high intensity, time efficient workouts. These 6–20-minute workouts will get your heart rate up immediately and keep it there! Each class has a theme such as ‘seize the day’ or ‘I can do this’ which is incorporated into the workout itself. Her stunning workout space and positive attitude make the workouts even more enjoyable. Thanks to her on-screen modifications, those at any level can take this class.

dvanced: growingannanas – “28 DAY HIIT IT HARD CHALLENGE”

Anna is an absolute beast! These workouts are long (30 minutes on average) and HARD. However, if you want an incredible workout that will push your limits – this is the challenge for you. The on-screen graphics are incredible – you will see previews for your next move, a timer, and a progress bar for the entire workout! 

Featured Image: Jonathan Borba

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