38 Standout Dining Options in Montreal



The city’s indispensable eats — this time featuring lots of sandwiches

In ordinary, pre-pandemic circumstances, Eater 38 was a response to the age-old questions, “Can you recommend a restaurant?” But, with Montreal dining rooms closed for a second time, going to a restaurant is still out of the question, and the fate of many of the city’s beloved establishments remain in the balance as the city faces another unrelenting wave of COVID-19.

It is under these conditions that we are updating Eater 38 for the first time since the start of the pandemic. A couple of the restaurants that were on this list on this list have taken an indefinite hiatus, some have had to completely overhaul their menu, and any place that is open has had to make the pivot to takeout- and delivery-only arrangements. Still, this list is an attempt to render Montreal’s food scene in list form, compiling the unique, sometimes offbeat blend of poutine, Haitian and Middle Eastern staples, and fine dining locales that make this city such a standout place to eat.

This time around, we are welcoming 10 new restaurant to the list: Beba, Le Coq de L’est, Dobe & Andy, La Khaima, Le Petit Vibe, Garage Beirut, Bistro Nolah, Pho Lien, Kwizinn, and Mahli Sweets. Sometimes we need to remove a great restaurant from this list to make way for another one, but that doesn’t it has become any less desirable. And who knows? Maybe it will appear again next time.

Restaurants on this list have to have been open for at least six months. Looking for a guide to some of the city’s newer options? Check here.

Have tips or suggestions for Eater 38? Send them to the Montreal tipline.

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