All The Incentives To Go Green At Home

We were all taught in school to help the environment by remembering the 3 R’s – reuse, reduce, recycle. As adults, we switch our bulbs to LED bulbs, conserve water and replace as many disposable items with reusable ones as possible. As homeowners there is SO MUCH MORE we can do and you don’t have to do it alone. Below is a list of some incentives to GO GREEN at home!

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Canada Greener Home Grant

Get up to $5,600 in government grants to make your home more energy-efficient! Who qualifies? As long as you own the home, you do! 

Home Energy Audit

A lot of government incentives come with a requirement of getting a home energy audit and now they are FREE. What’s a home energy audit you ask? An energy audit is a home inspection that calculates the total energy consumption of your house, including all electricity and fossil fuels for lighting, appliances, heating and cooling.

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Smart Thermostat Program

Did you know that heating and cooling make up approximately 64 percent of your home’s energy use? Smart thermostats make it easy and convenient to lower your energy costs while staying comfortable. Enbridge gives its customers $75 off their purchase of one.

Programs and incentives available are constantly changing and vary by city and province so be sure to keep checking for what new.

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