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These cycling tours make it easy to explore Ontario on two wheels

Whether you’re into adventure tourism, city riding or taking a self-guided spin around town, Ontario offers a tour for every type of rider. Fat Bike Group Guided Adventure, Bracebridge LIV Outside offers adventures for every season, but our favourite might just be fat biking. Named for the bikes’ extra-wide tires, which are between four and five inches wide…

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Frangipane Pear Tart

I am a late-comer to discovering the joys of frangipane, which is a traditional European tart filling that falls somewhere between marzipan and custard. That it is thickened and set with ground nuts rather than flour makes it ideal for people avoiding refined carbohydrates; it only needs to have the sweetener reduced and partially or totally changed to an…

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Stewed Fish with Zucchini

I’ve made this three times in the last couple of weeks. The first time I had no intention of posting it – it was so plain and basic. But I enjoyed it a lot, and wanted to make it again, so I decided to make it and post it. Unfortunatly, that effort turned out to be on one of…

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These Ontario Distillers Are Well Worth A Road-Trip

You know you can always count on us when in need of some new craft sippers for your bar rail. Micro-distilleries are popping up all over Ontario, and most offer tours, tastings, with some also offering classes and events. In Ontario, we make really great whisky and really, REALLY great gin. They’re the spirits you’ll find at most craft distillers,…

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Toronto Cider Festival presents “The Road Trip”: An outdoor cider and dining experience to remember!

The Toronto Cider Festival returns this year to pay homage to Ontario’s apple-growing heritage with “The Road Trip” – a thoughtfully curated outdoor cider and dining experience that will take you across Ontario’s cider-producing regions. Roadtrippers can choose between an authentic Farm to Table experience at Spirit Tree Estate Cidery in Caledon or a Summer Vineyard Picnic at Small…

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Mock Falafels – with Quinoa

Real falafels are not terribly difficult to make, but they do require the chick peas to be soaked in advance, and then they must be mixed in a food processor. All of which is very do-able! But sometimes you want something just a little simpler. Or maybe you are just out of chick peas, but have some quinoa, in…

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A pet-friendly guide to getting out and about with your dog

Dog lovers, take note: there’s a pet-friendly option for just about any travel experience in Ontario, from luxe weekend getaways to wine tours to charming B&Bs. Before COVID-19 hit last year, Ontario loosened its rules for dogs on patios, following in the steps of other provinces, who have historically been more lax on where our furry friends can hang…

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Cheesy Poblano Soup

This is a very traditional soup, in poblano growing areas. Ontario is not a traditional poblano growing area, but things change. They certainly can be grown here, and every so often you luck out and find some at the grocery. Or else you grow them yourself, which is what we did. They are a really delicious chile, with a…

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Fennel & Green Beans

The first time I made this, we weren’t too impressed with it, so there leftovers. The leftovers, on the other hand, were amazing! So thus I figured that this was better as a room temperature salad type dish (that Turkish zeytinyagli influence again) than as a hot vegetable. Also that it needed to be cooked longer than I usually…

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Grape & Wine 2021 Kicks Off Friday with Festival Favourite The Caverners

St. Catharine’s, ON — Niagara Grape & Wine Festival kicks off its 70th season beginning September 17th with a new outdoor concert series and the return of the beloved Discovery Pass Touring Passport. The Best of Montebello Park Concert Series is an in-person, outdoor concert series featuring some of the Grape & Wine Festival’s most popular acts from the…

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