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Goat yoga has arrived in Oxford County and it’s awesome

After winning over ice cream lovers and food industry experts with their all-natural alternative to cow dairy, the makers of award-winning Udderly Ridiculous Goat’s Milk Ice Cream are inviting lockdown-weary Ontarians to unplug and recharge by experiencing a taste of farm life. Greg and Cheryl Haskett are the Udderly Ridiculous duo bringing you gourmet goat milk ice cream inspired by the…

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Five Indigenous Businesses Creating Delicious Things You Need To Try

Indigenous History Month is the perfect time to discover some of the Indigenous-owned businesses creating delicious products in Ontario. Like traditional Indigenous experiences, these businesses have a strong connection to the land and traditions of the people that created them. We’re big fans of these five Indigenous businesses in Ontario (and you will be too): Black Duck Wild Rice…

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Wild fermented ciders you need to try this summer

You don’t have to wait till fall to crack open a bottle of delicious Ontario cider. Crisp and refreshing, it makes for a great warm-weather sipper. From modern to heritage, still to sparkling, cider comes in a number of different styles which vary based on the type of apples used, how it’s fermented and how long it’s aged. Wild…

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Salmon, Snow Pea & Lentil Salad

Some advance cooking required here – although either the lentils or salmon could easily be leftovers – but this is otherwise a very simple salad. It’s quite substantial for its volume – I was afraid it wouldn’t be quite enough for the 3 of us, but in fact there was a little leftover, even with Mr. Ferdzy still eating…

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Meet Tom and Kerri of Pinewynd Farm

For the last few weeks, we’ve been getting to know the vendors at the Virtual Farmers Market through short interviews and vignettes. You can see past segments in the series here. This week we’d like you to meet Tom and Kerri at Pinewynd Farm and learn about how they raise their well loved pigs! Pinewynd Farm’s focus is primarily on good pork,…

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Haskap-Mango Jam

It seems like the haskaps and strawberries are very early this year, and we are picking tons of them already. They are really producing in the heat, although there is some trouble with quality – well, the haskaps seem fine but the strawberries have a slight tendency to turn to mush – I think they are actually, literally, cooking…

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Best Places to Pick-Your-Own Raspberries in Ontario

We’ve gathered up some of our favorite pick-your-own spots into a nice little list for all you berry-loving jammers, bakers and preservers. Take an afternoon, visit a farm and pick your own this season! In Season Now: Raspberries There are dozens of varieties of this sweet, little berry grown in Ontario, but major varieties include BoyneFestivalKillarneyTitanReveille and Nova. There are also a…

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I’m dreaming of a post-pandemic beer vacation

Tara Rafiq photo illustrationDuring the depths of the pandemic lockdown last year I often found myself fantasizing about beer-themed vacations I might enjoy once the virus is vanquished. Even though the prospect of travelling was unfathomable then, picturing myself wandering the streets of Berlin, Brooklyn or Buenos Aires in search of my new favourite beer gave me comfort and…

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Salpicon de Res

It’s another very simple salad, with radishes, and yet fairly different from other radishy salads I’ve made this spring/early summer. This one is popular from southern Mexico through much of Central America.You will need to have some leftover cooked beef, or else to make a trip to your local deli counter. The chewier it is, the finer you should…

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