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For the love of beer, please use a glass

If you’re not prepared to shell out big bucks for 18 different kinds of beer glassware, a tulip (on left) and a nonic pint glass (on right) will get the job done. Rob Mangelsdorf photoIf our fathers, grandfathers and jaded detectives in the movies are to be believed, beer was meant to be drunk directly from the bottle. Who…

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Lentil, Buckwheat & Walnut Loaf

I’ve made this a few times before posting it, because I’ve been trying to solve the problem of it being a bit too crumbly. An egg would do the trick, perhaps, but I was trying to keep it vegan. Chick pea flour left it just as crumbly, and a bit too dry. So here it is, prone to crumbling…

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Ontario Chocolate Beers We’re Loving Right Now

Good things happen when two great things come together. We’re looking at you, chocolate beer! It’s no secret that chocolate and beer (or in this case, chocolate in beer) make for a delicious pairing. The perfect sipper for the winter season, chocolate beer is often made by adding cocoa or some form of chocolate to the beer during the…

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Meet Colin Moise of Renegade Harvest in Toronto

Originally published in the Virtual Farmers Market newsletter. October 2020. Renegade Harvest is proud to provide delicious, local food made from high-quality local ingredients that helps to reconnect people with their food, culture, and heritage. Raised by a family of farmers, hunters, and fishers, French Canadian Colin Moïse is familiar with the diverse fish, game, and vegetation native to Southern…

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Peanut Butter ‘n’ Jam Crisp

So… what have I not yet put into a fruit crisp? I know! It’s peanut butter! And now I have, and I’ll be doing it again, because what a good idea. This was entirely successful. Anyone who retains a fondness for peanut butter and jam sandwiches will like this very much. At this time of year, it requires frozen…

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You can order Ontario’s favorite Tibetan Momos Online!

Originally published in the Virtual Farmers Market newsletter. TC Tibetan MoMo makes delicious MoMos that are customary at traditional Tibetan celebrations. Lhundup, the owner of TC Tibetan MoMo was born in Nepal to Tibetan parents who fled Tibet during the Communist Chinese occupation. Lhundup shares the following story about how TC Tibetan MoMo came to be: “My parents, along…

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Take a delivery dumpling tour of Toronto from home

We love dumplings. Boas, manti, ravioli, pierogi – you name one, we’re eating it in Toronto right now. We firmly believe a good dumpling is more than the sum of its humble parts – dough, filling and dipping sauce. In Toronto, you’ll find all sorts of versions, from all sorts of places. They each tell a unique story of…

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