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Keeping Your Dog Safe Through The Hot Summer Days

>After such a long isolated winter, I know we’re all looking forward to walks in the city parks this summer! Even though it’s exciting, the hot humid weather can really take a toll on our pets! I spoke to Dog Expert Melissa McKee from Dogtopia about how to recognize the signs of heat stroke and the importance of our keeping of…

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Day Trips To Plan Outside Of Toronto

>It’s about that time of year where we all begin to look at our calendars to figure out what days to book-off to enjoy that summer sun! Although it’s nice to spend a day in the city, I know we can all appreciate a mini escape. Whether that be a trip to a farm or finding a beautiful waterfall,…

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7 Best Candy Stores In The 6ix

>Got a sweet tooth? Who doesn’t! These days, there’s nothing better than opening a fresh bag of your fave candy. If you’re looking for somewhere other than your local grocery store to satisfy your candy cravings, then look no further than these candy stores all located in TO and the GTA. In addition to supporting local businesses, you might…

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Need A New Hand Soap? These Ones Are Our Faves

>With the number of times we’ve washed our hands over the past year and a half, it’s safe to say that every household is going through hand soap like CRAZY. Of course, there is an incredibly wide selection in pretty much every store you go into but like everything, some are definitely better than others. Do yourself (and your…

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