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L’hiver en plein air avec Pierre Lavoie | Explore Canada

Au Canada, passer du temps dehors en hiver, c’est génial. Le triathlète et adepte de plein air Pierre Lavoie nous rappelle les nombreuses façons de rester actif et de profiter du plein air cet hiver. Plus que jamais, les gens ont besoin de changer d’air, mais même l’exploration locale demande un peu plus de planification qu’avant. Habillez-vous en fonction…

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Hottest Nail Trends for 2021

The pandemic has  people trying a variety of new things from cooking to dancing to nail art. People have been testing daring patterns and colours in their own homes. It even has become a masculine fashion statement. It’s not difficult to find the materials and gadgets you need to create beautiful nails. As clothes and hairstyles, nail art also…

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Top 6 in the 6ix: Takeout/Delivery Restaurants of the Week

Supporting small businesses has never been so important. With the increase in cases and potential for an extended lockdown, it is crucial we are supporting our local restaurants in order to keep them afloat. Here are our top takeout restaurants of the week. 1. Minami Photo by: Minami You can’t say ‘sushi’ without thinking of Minami, the Japanese restaurant…

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2021 Trends: What is Omegle?

Many people have been feeling extremely lonely with the pandemic keeping us from going out and meeting new people. Enter Omegle. Some are using the app to meet international friend and some have other intentions. Young kids are taking to Omegle to do challenges or goof off with strangers and post about it on Tiktok. Even popular influencers, including…

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