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Latest Shiller Lavy Listing Reignites Discussions of Mile End Gentrification

> Taras Grecoe/Twitter We’ve seen this before with the exit of institutions like queer café Le Cagibi and 35-year-old Boulangerie Clarke An “à louer” (for rent) sign from much-maligned Montreal real estate firm Shiller Lavy spotted in the window of beloved second-hand bookshop S.W. Welch on St-Viateur Street has reinvigorated concerns about the impact of gentrification on the Mile…

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Raising our voice: Restaurants Canada calls for continued industry support at federal finance committee meeting

On Feb. 25, Restaurants Canada Executive Vice President Lauren van den Berg was invited to present testimony to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance (FINA), which was meeting to discuss COVID-19 spending and programs. Her presentation provided an overview of the devastating impacts that the pandemic has had on the Canadian foodservice industry, as well as an…

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Bah-Humbug: Foodservice Sales Tumble in December

Canada’s commercial foodservice industry ended the year on a sour note as seasonally adjusted sales fell for the third consecutive month in December 2020. This marks the lowest monthly sales since June 2020.      Overall, foodservice sales in Canada were $4.25 billion in December (unadjusted for seasonality), down 35.5% compared to December 2019.  Mandated closures of non-essential businesses…

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Open letter: Alberta’s restaurant industry calls for access to Critical Worker Benefit

Our members in Alberta continue to be incredibly grateful for the dedication and resilience of all the frontline workers and healthcare providers across the province. Our industry stands with them and Restaurants Canada is continually encouraged to see all the ways that restaurants have been showing their support throughout the ongoing public health crisis. In the most literal sense,…

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More Than 80,000 Quebec Restaurant and Hospitality Jobs Were Lost in 2020

> Getty Images/Westend61 Plus, free legal help for restaurant workers and some more pandemic-era creativity QUEBEC —Job losses were more prevalent in the restaurant and hotel industries than any other in Quebec last year, according to a new study released by provincial statistics agency Institut de la statistique du Québec earlier this week. A total of 208,500 jobs were…

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11 Superb Picks for Takeout in Parc-Ex

> Rotisserie Panama/Facebook Featuring a plethora of Indian and Greek In a city as rapidly gentrifying as Montreal, natural wine bars cranking out small and seasonal sharing plates and third-wave coffee shops pouring nut milk lattes at the ready abound. But in the predominantly immigrant, working-class neighbourhood of Parc-Ex, there’s pretty much none of that. Save for one big-name…

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Sud-Ouest Co-Roasting Space to Open a Coffee Supermarket, With a Southern Biscuit Bakery

> Dreamy/Supplied Expect up to 18 different roasters on Dreamy Coffee Supermarket’s shelves After being quietly beta-tested on Montrealers throughout last December, the Dreamy Coffee Supermarket is taking its first official steps forward this weekend. The weekend-only venture based out of the Canadian Roasting Society (CRS) in the Sud-Ouest will combine the city’s biggest retail selection of coffee to…

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A New Outremont Restaurant Is Highlighting Indonesian Regional Cuisines, One Dish at a Time

> Uluwatu/Supplied Javanese beef rendang and Balinese roast pork are on the menu Comprising over 17,000 islands between the Pacific and Indian oceans, 700 languages, and almost 275 million people, Indonesian culture is, indisputably, diverse — and so is its cuisine. A new restaurant in Outremont is committed to introducing some of its foods to the city, one dish…

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