Delighted #TourismWeek Ontario!

It’s officially Tourism Week in Canada.

We know that Canada’s tourism sector looks different this year, just like your travel plans. Before COVID-19, tourism was a growing industry and a leading economic driver in Canada. Tourism was responsible for 1 in every 11 jobs in Canada, and over 2% of its GDP. We welcomed over 21 million visitors to our big, BIG country in 2019 – and that meant a lot of opportunities for a lot of people.

The tourism sector is currently facing a particularly difficult time as travelers from near and far are staying home.

That means it’s more important than ever that we come together and virtually amplify the importance of the industry. We need to ensure that the tourism and travel sector is here to stay long after the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

Food, drink and agriculture are important part of the tourism industry. They are the backbone of food tourism – and of what we do.

So, this week, we ask that you share your support on social. Let the world know that when this is over, you’ll be hitting the road to explore. Start dreaming – make plans. Let the people working in the tourism sector know that #TourismMatters and you’re thinking of each of every one of them.

Need some inspiration? Add these delicious destinations to your bucket list – or one these amazing Feast On certified restaurants. Nominate a business you love for an Ontario Culinary Tourism Award. There’s never been a better time to support a tourism business from the comfort of your home.

We promise we’ll do something delicious, together, when it’s safe to do so.


Want to get more involved?
Our friends at TIAC have set up tourism town halls and have been advocating on behalf of the industry. Find out more at

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