Dining establishments adopting P.O.S.T. logo design to guarantee restaurants in Ontario

The restaurant industry has been hit hard by the economic impacts of COVID-19 and even as businesses continue to reopen their doors to diners across the province, a recent Restaurants Canada survey showed that 6 out of 10 restaurants are still operating at a loss.

While restaurants will still need government assistance with labour costs, rent relief, and cash flow, growing consumer confidence to get them back in restaurants will be a key driver in helping recovery. That is why Restaurants Canada helped create The P.O.S.T. (People. Outside. Safely. Together.) Promise.

It is a declaration that businesses make through highly visible signage throughout their restaurant or bar to uphold five key steps identified to help create a safe workplace for employees and consumers:

  1. Maintain physical distance.
  2. Wash and sanitize hands.
  3. Stay home if unwell and report symptoms.
  4. Clean and disinfect regularly.
  5. Practice respiratory etiquette.

The Government of Canada has partnered with the POST Promise program to help businesses across the country reopen safely, and as a founding partner of the POST Promise we are encouraging you to the lead across the foodservice industry to support and promote this program across your networks.

The POST Promise allows establishments to visibly display their commitment to providing a safe environment for employees and guests to enjoy dining out again so we can continue recover and reopen restaurants across Canada safely. Look for the logo where ever you decide to dine next!

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