Eyeglasses: See through the Right Lenses of Blue Light Blocking to Protect your Vision

Quarantine Status: In a relationship with my gadgets. Do you usually check your phone first thing in the morning? Or is your entire day devoted to screen time with gadgets for there are emails to respond to, messages to read, videos to watch, photos to see, and not to mention all the breaking news you need to keep up with?

 As we are in the new normal, we are usually exposed to many digital devices, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, smart TVs, etc. As these devices reduce our workloads, aid our daily errands, and even become our entertainment gateway, we have not noticed that all of this screen time will take a toll on our eyes.

Ideal eye care

Fortunately, there is a solution available to help us cope with the negative consequences of digital displays. For instance, the Livho Blue Light Blocking Glasses, is an excellent eye care to shield our vision from digital screens and help look after our eyes from harmful UV rays.

The said protective eyewear is made of non prescription bluelight glasses that filters blu ray/UV 400 from the daily use of gadgets. Moreover, it is made of Acetate and TR90, which means it can endure particular physical impact, twisting, and pressure devoid of deforming.

Filter Harmful Blu Ray

The intensive usage and exposure to gadgets can cause discomfort to our eyes. Looking at a screen for more than two hours, some may experience digital eye strain, dry eyes, blurry vision, tearing or watery eyes, headache, and or dizziness more than others.

As such, the blue light blocking glasses can help you out since they have lenses specializing in filtering out blue light. It also effectively blocks the transmission of a harmful blu ray or UV 400 wavelength spectrum released from our devices which helps minimize eye strain, headache, radiation migraine, and the like.

Having a better sleep

Blue light is supposed to awaken us during the day, its wavelengths inhibit the body’s release of melatoninthe sleep-wake cycle-regulating hormone. However, exposure at night will make it difficult for us to get to sleep since it continues to remind our brain that it is daytime, which causes disruption to the normal cycle of our body.

Now, the eyewear is a massive help for us to sleep better, for sure. The blue light effect can be minimized by blue light blocking glasses, allowing us to use our gadgets before bed and still get a good night’s sleep.

This can be best relied on by people working in front of a computer all day. Also, when working or studying at night, blue light glasses can be used to help our bodies control the production of melatonin.

Anti-Glare Lens

To help secure our eyes and vision, several additions are made to the eyeglasses. The blue polycarbonate lens provides high optical clarity, eye pressure relief, and tolerance to high temperatures. As such, you can still see through the transparent lenses with smooth vision while using your computer, phone, and any other gadget.

Perfect vision

Perfect vision does not also imply within but should be manifested visibly. In this case, the eyewear shows the world your personality as it fits on your face. It is also worth mentioning that the glasses’ design is ideal, making you feel hip and distinct. 

As such, this high-end and lightweight eyeglass frame enhances your wearing experience functionally and fashionably.


This should become our new everyday essential so that our modern workplace is full of gadgets and digital devices. Wherever you are, at home or work, most of us could not live without them. Technology has expanded and developed, but the reality is our eyes were not grown for our modern and digital needs.

With this, let us make sure that our eye care is also advanced through using protective eyewears that you can find at www.livho.com. We need to take the extra mile for our eyes as this is the only organ that allows us to see through things. Without it, we cannot conduct everyday activities in the usual way and appreciate this world’s grandeur. 

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