Gift Baskets in The 6ix For Father’s Day

>As we all enjoy the glorious June weather bestowed upon us in recent weeks, it would be remiss of anyone to forget that Father’s Day will be here in only a couple of days! If you’re worried about getting the perfect gift for your dad, we’ve got your back. Sometimes one thing isn’t enough and a gift basket is the perfect solution. Not only will the basket LOOK nice, it’ll also be packed full of love!

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Here are some gift basket services that will surely make you the golden child in your father’s eyes

Hop’s Collective

photo: hop’s collective

Hop’s Collective is perfect for any dad that enjoys the occasional or daily beer. Whether your dad loves an IPA, case of Corona or even a sweet treat, Hops Collective has it all with their gift baskets. Check out their website that showcases the diverse selection of gift baskets you can purchase for Father’s Day! 

Craig’s Cookies 

Craig's Cookies
photo: craig’s cookies

Does your dad enjoy a multitude of treats to snack on after dinner? Is he always keen on a chocolate-flavoured snack? If that’s the case, Craig’s Cookies gift box could be a real winner on Father’s Day. You can purchase a gift box of 6-12 assorted treats that can include any of their delectable desserts. Buy a gift box today on their website!

Toronto Blooms

Blooms Toronto
photo: blooms

Flowers don’t just have to be a designated gift for your mom; you can purchase a bouquet for dad as well. Toronto Blooms ensures a beautiful floral arrangement for Father’s Day that can also include a bottle of champagne, some beer, and mouth-watering chocolate-covered fruits! Take a look at their wide-ranging selection and buy a flower-filled gift basket for Father’s Day on their website!


Father's Day

Hazleton’s gives you a multitude of options of gift baskets for your dad on Father’s Day. So whether your dad would love a fancy bottle of liquor, some power tools, a chocolate cake, or all of the above, you can find it at Hazleton’s! To take a gander at all their fantastic gift basket options, check out their website!

Gift for Every Reason

Gift Basket
photo: gifts for every reason

The name of this company is incredibly accurate and will provide your dad with a charming gift basket on his holiday. They have baskets that will fulfill every dad’s need with even hockey-inspired goodies that will please any hockey fan! Their website will give you many options to choose from, and they will deliver a gift basket anywhere within the city!

Peter & Paul’s Gifts

Gift basket
photo: peter & pauls gifts

Is your dad a grill master? We’ve got the basket for you! Packed with BBQ sauce, spices and seasonings, this basket is made in heaven! Place your order on their website today.

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