Here’s How to Enhance Your Mobile Video Gaming

According to Tech Crunch in 2019, 45 per cent of the global gaming revenue came directly from the mobile market, . This showcases a shift in gaming trends, with increasing numbers of contemporary players favouring smartphones. As a result of the platform’s increased popularity, let’s consider how gamers can enhance their mobile gaming experiences.

Adjust Your In-Game Settings

Similar to consoles, several settings can be adjusted within each title that can significantly improve performance. Popular titles like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are both demanding games for smartphones and may require tweaks to run as smoothly as possible. Within the Epic Game’s development, for example, players can adjust their graphics quality, pre-sets, FPS and even enable low power mode.

That said, outside of a game, users can also alter several other performance-related factors. Although smartphones are continually being developed, with some now possessing more RAM than laptops, running numerous programs while gaming can hinder performance. Closing any social media apps that are running in the background can also have an effect. This is because they drain both the battery and RAM when open.

Search for Platform-Specific Apps

Alternatively, you can also check your respective app store in search of optimized browser content. Although this may sound somewhat obvious, it’s worth considering. Typically, this relates to specific types of gaming, such as fantasy sports gaming and online casinos. Interestingly, this is evident from the Premier League’s fantasy football app, which is now available on mobile deviced having previously established itself as a browser-orientated platform.

From an iGaming perspective, review websites such as Casino Hacks can be beneficial in helping prospective digital casino players discover some of the sector’s more mobile-friendly operators and whether they support mobile action both via browser and in-app. For example, the platform analyzes a wide array of operators, including LeoVegas, which is perceived to be the go-to casino for those who prefer gaming on their mobile devices.

Consider Additional External Storage

Although this tip won’t have a drastic impact on in-game performance levels, this will undoubtedly enhance your broader gaming experience. As a result of the huge amount of choice regarding available titles on the smartphone market, some users can find themselves restricted on downloads because of their device’s storage capacity. But, thanks to external add-ons, there’s no need to miss out on storage-heavy releases.

While there are many advantages to utilising external storage drives, their cost-effective nature means that they’re a user-friendly approach to improving mobile gaming. As well as downloading the latest games straight onto an SD card, several existing applications can also be conveniently moved to the highly-recommended component. In turn, this will eradicate the 16GB limitations that are common among modern mobiles, according to Android Authority.

Plenty of Things Can Improve Performance

Ultimately, regardless of the capabilities of your device, much can be done to ensure a smoother gaming experience. Interestingly enough, the adaptability of smartphones is one of the reasons why the platform is continuing to gain popularity among gamers, with many also enjoying its versatility and user-friendly style.


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