How To Achieve Silky & Smooth Hair This Summer

Summer frizz and humidity levels are already bearing their not-so-nice faces but if you’re not wanting to look like Monica Geller when they go on vacay to Barbados, then listen close. Frizz-free, smooth hair is achievable in the summer but you might have to make some adjustments to your hair care routine and add in some different products to make your dreams come true.


Below you’ll find a few tips and tricks, as well as some product recommendations so you can have your smoothest hair ever this summer.

Tip #1 – Embrace Your Natural Texture

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This one might be a given but embracing your hair’s natural texture is the best way to keep it happy this summer. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, ensure that you’re using products suited for them. Of course, we all want to style our hair whatever way we want but just be mindful of what hairstyle you want to achieve when it’s humid out. If you have natural curls, simply apply a product meant to protect your curls.

Tip #2 – Anything Anti-Frizz Is Your Friend

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Another obvious one but it should be mentioned nonetheless. Anti-frizz products are definitely going to be your best friend during the summer with the hot and humid temps we’ll be experiencing. A great tip is to apply your anti-frizz serum to damp hair because it allows the hair cuticles to absorb the product better, resulting in a frizz-free outcome.

Tip #3 – Use The Right Shampoo

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If smooth and silky locks are what you’re after then make sure you’re using the right shampoo for crying out loud! Eliminating frizz starts in the shower so it’s imperative that you use a smoothing shampoo and conditioner. Switching to the right in-shower routine will also help cut styling time because you’re doing half the work in the shower!

Tip #4 – Switch Up Your Towel

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Did you know that most towels don’t dry the hair the way it should be? Your run-of-the-mill bath towel actually enables frizz because it rubs the hair, causing friction which causes frizziness and split ends. Make the switch to a micro-fibre towel which dries the hair better and protects it from damage.

Tip #5 – Seal With A Serum Or Oil

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Once you’ve blow dried and have your gorgeous frizz-free style, don’t forget to lock it in with a rich serum or oil. Keep in mind that no two hair types are alike so if you have thicker, more coarse hair, you might want to reach for a thick Castor Oil-type product. Whipped shea butter is also excellent for taming frizz but a little goes a long way. For finer hair, oils are your best bet. They keep the hair hydrated while taming frizz and adding a lovely scent that you’ll carry with you all day long.

Tip #6 – Try A Keratin Treatment Or Different Masks

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If you’re really struggling with frizz and hair humidity, give yourself a mini hair spa day by doing an at-home keratin treatment or a hair mask. Styling products can only do so much so if you’re finding yours aren’t quite cutting it, a keratin treatment might be a good idea. These treatments work wonders and can cut styling time way down. Plus they are beneficial for all hair types.

Tip #7 – Finish With A Flat Iron

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To really smooth out your tresses, pass your hair through a flat iron to tame any flyaways. Finishing with a flat iron really adds that sleek and polished vibe that you’re working oh-so-hard to achieve.

Featured Image: Dmitry Zelinskiy

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