How To Become An Influencer in 2020 (Beginner’s Guide)

In the last couple of years, the term Influencer has had its fair share of ups and downs.

From being frowned upon to becoming one of the most wanted job positions in 2020 – it’s safe to say we’re looking at the future of Instagram marketing right in the face. 

And contrary to popular belief, no, this glam and glitz corner of the internet wasn’t crafted by the Kylie Jenners of the world. It was made by regular, everyday folks and their original ideas and creativity.

We want to dedicate this blog to exactly that! Creative individuals who want to take their Instagram game and vision to the next level.

Down To Business

First things first, if you haven’t made the switch from Personal account to Business, you better do it now!

You need those additional and premium business features this type of profile offers. It’s an absolute must! Insights, for example, is a very important feature that helps you check and follow the progress of your profile’s growth.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s really get into it…

Express Your Mind

Underneath it all, the core that holds all content in place is your vision. Many Influencers that made it big had that amazing vision that resonated with people. 

For example, we have the lovely @thisishowilook. She got a lot of heads turning on the internet with her powerful speech about women’s rights! 


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I’ve heard this physical reality is a vibrational manifestations of our beliefs, mantras and self fulfilling affirmations. Trying to step up my commitment to not only speak more words of love to those around me but also myself. thank you @ilalajewelry for helping me protect my throat chakra & reminding me that every word is a prayer


A post shared by Samirah (@thisishowilook) on Mar 5, 2020 at 4:02pm PST

She’s often very vocal about many social issues that affect people of all kinds and circles. And since she’s a model, she likes to incorporate that into her imagery as well. This spoke to people. It made them share their experiences and thoughts, thus this made her page into a very safe and positive place for everyone.

In other words, whatever style, vision, or message you have – make it original and loud on your page! 

Boost Your Followers

This one is pretty straightforward, no need to explain why this is important. The real question is: how?!

Here’s some stuff you need to know, Instagrammer:

Consistency is key. Having a planned out and scheduled posting regime that you follow through is super important! Try to never skip a date and never leave any unanswered comments and DMs! Targeted audience. We all know how Instagram works. People mostly follow specific profiles and influencers they like, which is why everyone’s audience is, well, “targeted”. This is exactly why using a growth service like Flock Social is super helpful! 

They can target your audience members and get real instagram followers to your page. So your community will be filled with both real and genuine users who are also interested in what you do. Checkmate! 

Engaging Instagram Stories. These guys are more influential than you might think! Since it’s not recommended for you to post regular feed posts every day, you need to post charming Stories to entertain your followers on a regular basis.

Moreso, try filming short Story vlogs! People go absolutely crazy for those! If possible, record the vlog on TikTok and then upload it to your Story as well. It’s a super cute and short way to keep your audience hooked.

Link Your TikTok

Since Instagram’s distant cousin, TikTok is currently stealing some of the spotlight during family dinner – it’s crucial to use some of that blitz for yourself! TikTok videos do extremely well and are even responsible for helping popularize certain songs and debut them on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. 

Some even argue that TikTok is narrating the current music industry! That being said, you can hopefully see the connection we’re trying to create here. You can direct audiences on both Instagram and TikTok from one platform to another and gain even bigger numbers. 

Plus, if you make it on TikTok, darling you’ve made it everywhere! So don’t be shy and jump on that hype train, dancing to none other than Doja Cat’s smash TikTok hit “Say So’’!

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