Inabuggy’s Pandemic-Proof Picnic Tips

Canada Day is almost here and we surely can’t wait to celebrate! Whether it’s hitting the beach, going on a roadtrip or planning a picnic, it’s important to do so in a safe and socially distanced way. And of course, no getaway is complete without delicious food and snacks! Not to fret though, Inabuggy’s got you covered.

The platform offers grocery and alcohol delivery through its website and app. It’s certainly a one-stop-shop to have all your picnic essentials brought to you via contactless delivery. If that isn’t exciting enough, you can even buy from Costco through Inabuggy without a membership!

It’s worth noting that… if an item is marked that it can be replaced by something similar, customers will have to assume the cost difference (but you should be called to confirm), or opt-out from getting a substitution. So bargain shopping isn’t much of a priority here, since lower priced items don’t last long, for obvious reasons.

Here are some Inabuggy’s tips and tricks for a safe and enjoyable picnic:

  • Do opt for finger foods such as sandwiches, fruits and vegetables. If serving foods that require serving utensils (like salads) or packaged foods (like chips), divide these types of foods into separate containers to serve to each guest.
  • Do tell everyone attending to bring a blanket or beach towel to set up six meters apart from one another.
  • Don’t share foods, drinks or utensils, but do pack foods, utensils and serving plates into separate bags or containers for guests. The host can either pack a variety of canned or bottled drinks in a cooler, or tell guests to bring their own water bottles and refreshments.
  • Don’t forget to bring personal protective equipment such as face masks, gloves and hand sanitizer!

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