It’s Official–It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

With Mariah jingle belling, and Fashion Santa telling, you be of good cheer…Like it or not, the long-awaited holiday season has finally arrived! But like, is it just us… or does Christmas this year seem extra-exciting? Amidst the constant changes and struggles that 2020 has brought, a little holiday cheer is exactly what we all need. Oh, and a Gingerbread Latte from Starbucks, we all need one of those as well.

This time last year, we all had holiday calendars full of exciting holiday events. This year is a little different with many of Toronto’s traditional activities deemed unsafe during the pandemic. After the whole Halloween debacle, many are asking themselves “Is Christmas going to be cancelled this year?”

Not if Mariah Carey has anything to say about it…spook n’ all.


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On November 1st, we got permission to switch into full-blown holiday mode by the Christmas icon herself: Mariah Carey. Sitting in her reindeer onesie at the foot of her gorgeous tree, Carey took to her Instagram to let us all know the holidays have officially arrived. Phew, I was nervous for a second there.

Another cue that the holidays have arrived is seeing Toronto’s very own Fashion Santa, Paul Mason, out in his white and reds encouraging our friends below the border to get out and VOTE (thankfully they listened). Every year, Mason reminds us all to live in hope and love, especially this year. Oh… and to stay fashionable of course. LOL


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Christmas just wouldn’t be the same in Toronto without the Hudson’s Bay holiday display in their Queen St. windows. This year, the display features a simplified version of Santa’s workshop guarded by masked Nutcrackers. Inside the store, the holidays are in full swing with an array of cozy and festive displays to get you into the spirit of the season. A little holiday design inspiration never hurt anyone… right?


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Just in case there was any question about the holiday season’s arrival, just check out your Netflix home page. The Christmas movies have arrived!

Now that Starbucks, Mariah Carey, Hudson’s Bay, Fashion Santa and Netflix have given us permission, the holiday season can finally begin. Go ahead, turn up that holiday playlist, hang the twinkle lights and let the joy of the season feed your soul. It may look a little different this year, but even the meanest of Scrooge’s can be transformed by a little holiday cheer.

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