Leading 6 in The 6ix: Wines of The Week– Pinot Noir

Do you have a love for Pinot Noir? If you don’t yet, you likely will at some point in your wine journey. Hailing from historic France, this grape is extremely well known in the world of wine. Known as the heartbreak grape for many in the wine trade because of its intense challenge to grow, this grape needs certain viticultural conditions to thrive and succeed. In Fact, many winemakers and vignerons around the world make Pinot Noir to challenge and conquer Mother earth and the terroir of their region, and to be rewarded with juice that pulls on your heartstrings.

Pinot Noir is a thin-skinned, temperamental and astounding wine, and when perfected Pinot Noir is the quintessential love for many sommeliers, experts and wine enthusiasts. Although there are many varying taste profiles from around the world, there are some things that are iconically Pinot Noir. The two most classic styles you are probably familiar with is the red still table wine and the other counterpart you’re likely familiar with is how it is used in champagne and sparkling wine blends for perfectly bubbly around the world. However, Pinot Noir is also used in many red wine blends, in rosé wines and it can also be done as a rare still white wine.

From wonderful Pinot Noir grapes, we are enticed with vibrant fruit flavours, rustic red berries like cherry and light blueberry, elegant freshness, soft tannins and light floral notes. Any wine lover will adore you sharing a bottle of Pinot Noir and It is a wonderful wine to give non-red wine drinkers, as it’s softness lends itself to approachable and lovability. It is also the perfect wine to enjoy during the hot summer months and can be served slightly chilled on warm summer nights with some of your favourite summer fare too!

Here’s our Top Pinot Noir Picks for all of your Pinot Noir Day celebrations this week.


1. Hahn Pinot Noir, Monterey

With the cool ocean breezes and warm California sun, Monterey County is a perfect place for Pinot Noir. Grapes grow slowly and perfectly in the gorgeous hillside vineyards. Hahn Pinot Noir is soft and supple and perfectly delightful. It is generous on the floral aromas and nose and structured and elegant on the palate. A wonderful wine and one of the great new world wines.

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2. Tawse Pinot Noir Growers Blend

One of the very top Canadian wine producers. Tawse Growers Blend Pinot, is full of red and dark berries, an easy going palate, but a complex and cerebral wine.. Paul Pender the winemaker was once a carpenter and then switched careers and moved to winemaking. He now farms organically and biodynamically is a superhero in the world of Ontario Wine.

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3. Albert Bichot Bourgogne Pinot Noir

From classic Burgundy France comes some of the most iconic and recognized Pinot Noir in the world. Give this one a try next to some new world Pinot and you’ll understand the difference between rustic old world and new world fruit. Worth stocking up on a few bottles for your collection as it doesn’t disappoint.

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4. Villa Maria Private Bin Pinot Noir Marlborough

From beautiful New Zealand comes truly delicious Pinot Noir worth sipping on. Villa Maria’s iconic Pinot Noir is one that is fabulous to open and share with friends and family, Definitely worth the pleasure and you’ll love the brilliant bright pure red fruit coupled with soft tannin, structure and ultimate lovability.

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5. Susana Balbo Signature Rosé 2019

This floral and fragrant pinot noir Rose from Argentina is simply delicious. A great bottle to explore for any pinot lover. Pink roses and jasmine and a great way to take your love for rosé up a notch to discover a gem from the new world!

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6. Cono Sur Sparkling Pinot Noir Rosé

A really pretty sparkling rosé wine filled with notes of wild red raspberry and strawberry. A perfect solution for weekend brunches and girlfriend gatherings. Sustainable and delicious this is a wonderful wine you must try!

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