Leading 6 in The 6ix: Wines of The Week– Summer Varieties

As we enter into the core of summer while dealing with the effects of COVID-19, wine has become more of an ‘essential’ than ever before. This week we’re bringing you an array of wines that will allow you to explore your pallet–and some available varieties–that are perfect for summer. Let’s look at some sips that will keep you excited about trying something new.


Editor’s Picks: Top 6 Wines of the Week available in Toronto this Summer


1 Marechal Foch
Discovered by Eugeen Kuhlmann in 1910, its not an easy grape to find, and this one is worth a try! The Malivoire old Vines Foch (also known as Marechal Foch) is vegan friendly and certified sustainable wine, made from a hybrid French red grape, aside from its unique name Foch (pronounced Fo – sche),  this wine aged 16 months in oak barrels (of which 88% were American oak, 12% were French oak and one-in-five were new) and had a sauvage taste profile – think salami, charcuterie, and spicy, and while you’re at it, BBQ up some ribs and enjoy this pairing! With  aromas of black fruits, smoke, vanilla, spice and rich flavours of black cherry and other dark berries on the palate you’re in for a real treat. You can purchase this wine from the winery in Niagara, and also online. 

Buy Now | $26.95



2 Lambrusco
How about a sparkling red wine that is semi-sweet and perfect for daytime sipping, dessert wine options and sangria mixes? Try Italy’s Lambrusco, a specialty of Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region, this type of wine is truly worth exploring. It is lightly sweet and sparkling and has a sweet grapey aromas, with blackcurrant and raspberry. A subtle herbal note serve very cold and even in something fun like a mason jar at a socially distanced picnic. Try pairing it with strawberry shortcake, cheese boards, and even after dinner as a semi-sweet treat for your dinner guests. There are a few options to choose from at the wine shop, pick up a couple bottles and give them a try to see what you think! 

750 mL bottle | LCBO#: 604

Buy Now | $10.45



3 Rueda
Looking for a white wine that’s an alternative to your tried and true favourite? Go to the Spanish section and pick up a bottle of white wine from Rueda. A refreshing and delicious white wine made with the Spanish Verdejo grape. This wine is the perfect alternative to pinot grigio and Sauvignon Blanc. Crisp, clean and refreshing this is a new grape you’ll fall head over heels for. Pair with salmon, or halibut steaks, grilled pork tenderloin, or event hot dogs. There are a few wines listed in the wine shop from this region, and you can’t make a wrong choice, just say yes to a wine adventure. 

750 mL bottle | LCBO#: 36822

Buy Now | $13.95



4 Saperavi 
Did you know the country of Georgia is said to be the birthplace of wine? Try Saperavi, a a late-ripening grape that loves cooler growing conditions. Made mostly only in the republic of Georgia, this red wine is an interesting indigneous grape that has a tendency for black fruit and berry tones with some spice. A great wine for barbecued ribs, pork or grilled vegetables. There are only a few Georgian wines to choose from at the shop, but worthwhile if you’re looking to explore. 

750 mL bottle | VINTAGES#: 466458

Buy Now | $14.95



5 Chablis
Love Chardonnay? Discover the lovable region of Chablis, a french gem of a place in the north of Burgundy. Producing petit Chablis all the way to grand cru, if you love chardonnay this region is a must stop region. You’ll find the word Chablis on the label and you’ll find chardonnay in the bottle. From Jurassic aged soils and vines that grow in oyster bed terroir, this region is uber cool to learn about and pair with freshly shucked oysters. Learn about the right and left bank of the region and the meticulous winemaking from the producers there. Served chilled and in big bowled glasses, this is a perfect place for a pure white wine discovery!

750 mL bottle | VINTAGES#: 461640

Buy Now | $29.95



6 Nerello Mascalese
Venture to the south of Italy, to the island of Sicily and there on Mount Etna you’ll find a grape only grown in that particular region – the name of said grape is Nerello Mascalese.  A beautiful medium to full bodied red wine, that can be served a little cooler than most reds, this wine offers us beautiful aromas of black current and spice, mixed with smoke and berry flavours. With vineyards growing on top of an active volcano and wines made by local italian winemakers, this is a region that is mostly known by sommeliers and wine enthusiasts, however it is a get-to-know region for any true wine lover.

750 mL bottle | VINTAGES#: 487090

Buy Now | $23.95


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