Lockdown 3.0: A Rundown of the Changes-Patios the Problem or our Government?

>In what has unseeingly become something along the lines of of a cat and mouse game, Ontario has imposed yet another lockdown. The measures are set to come into effect as of midnight April 3 and will last for 28 days. Yup, you read that right; another month of stricter measures. 

On a positive note, only three more lockdowns until Christmas (JK, at least we hope we’re kidding…)

In what is known as an “emergency brake”, this shutdown is expected to be similar to that of which took place after Boxing Day in December of last year. All regions are headed towards mass closures, with the exceptions of some retail stores, which can operate at 25% capacity. Grocery stores are expected to be allowed to operate with a 50% capacity. 

The news comes amidst rising cases and a steady increase in hospitalization of patients.

Here’s what’s changing due to the new lockdown:

Essential Businesses  

As usual, essential business are still deemed essential. Things such as essential products, supplies, warehousing services, packaging and distribution will remain open.


Unfortunately after reopening patios only two weeks ago, restaurants and bars are forced to close their doors yet again. You can support local restaurants by checking out our weekly Top 6 in The 6ix: Takeout / Delivery Restaurants of the Week

Grocery Stores

There’s no need to hoard 30 rolls of toilet paper this year. Supermarkets and convenience stores can operate with 50% capacity.

Shopping Malls

Need to get your shopping fix in? Don’t worry! Malls will be operating with 25% capacity in each store, with closure of indoor dining spaces and regular thermal screenings.


The government won’t let you go without Advil or nail polish. Pharmacies will be operating at 50% capacity.

Outdoor Gatherings

Despite the sudden cool weather, outdoor gatherings may be our saving grace of this lockdown. They will now be limited to five people. You know what they say- two is company, three’s a crowd and five….well, five is covid proof.

Landscaping and Maintenance Services

Tired of looking at your ugly yard space from inside this lockdown? Fret no more! Landscaping and maintenance services are allowed to operate. 

Personal Care Services

Your lawn may look good but unfortunately your hair and nails are out of luck. Salons are closed. 


Despite the fact you’re forced to work from home, you can still kick your kids out for school! Enjoy the house to yourself for 6 hours of your lockdown because schools are to remain open for in-person learning.

Indoor Weddings and Religious Services

Indoor weddings, religious services and funerals can be held at 15% capacity.  


If you’re a golfer (@dougford), don’t stress! This lockdown doesn’t affect your weekly game. You can check out the Don Valley Golf Course, Rosedale Golf Club or Flemingdon Park Golf Club for your golfing needs.

While we’re all up for being safe, we can’t help but think about all the restaurants and small businesses that continue to be affected by this. 

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