Looming Pandemic Labour Shortage: This Notable Thai Restaurant Cancels Resos Due to Lack of Staff

Looming Pandemic Labour Shortage: This Notable Thai Restaurant Cancels Resos Due to Lack of Staff

The past two years have been difficult on small businesses to say the least. Although it may feel like we’re on the other side of the pandemic with vaccine and mask mandates lifted, this isn’t entirely the case. Small businesses across Ontario are still dealing with the aftershock of the pandemic. From rising costs to staffing issues and everything in-between, restaurants have seen it all and Pai Toronto is no exception.

Pai Toronto is Facing a Staffing Shortage

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On Friday March 25th, Pai posted a photo on Instagram with the following caption:

“Due to an extreme shortage of staff in keeping with our health and safety protocols, we unfortunately will have to downscale our uptown location operations for the next few days and may have to cancel reservations until at least Monday. We feel this is the best approach to keep our staff and guests safe. If you would like to reschedule your reservation you are able to do so through our website www.paitoronto.com or you can email us at [email protected]

Things changed when the pandemic hit. As restaurants in Ontario were faced with countless shutdowns, reopenings and more shutdowns, a lot of employees lost their faith in the stability of the industry. Although it was not the fault of individual restaurants themselves, workers were left without jobs for extended periods and brought back to and from work more times than they could count.

With the lack of stability came increased expectations from workers. Employees understand how valuable their work is and have been able to leverage this for demands of increased wages and improved working conditions. Local Toronto restaurant Pai has seen a shortage of staff since the beginning of the pandemic as co-owner Jeff Regular noted many people have “left the industry”.

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The decrease in experienced staff has left Pai to hire a new team of servers and although they are “happy to train them”, it has been a difficult process for their management team to “keep up with the training while continuing to meet our guests’ expectations,” says Regular.

“With restrictions lifting little by little, there has been a greater demand for our food, which has been such a blessing and we’re so appreciative of. But with our shortage of staff, it has also been more difficult than in the past to meet this increased demand. However, we’re grateful for the continued outpouring of love and support and we’ll continue to keep pushing as we always do to make this work and serve as many guests as we can while ensuring the best possible experience for our guests and our staff.”

You can support Pai by ordering their food here or booking a reservation at one of their locations.

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