Louis Vuitton Partners with L.A. Artist Alex Israel to Release New Unisex Fragrance On the Beach

>Louis Vuitton has released their newest unisex fragrance – called On the Beach – in collaboration with contemporary L.A. multimedia artist, Alex Israel. The cologne perfume was created by Louis Vuitton‘s House Master Perfumer, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud as an ode to a sunny day at the beach. This is the fifth, and final scent in Louis Vuitton’s West Coast radiant collection.

photo: louis vuitton

On the Beach: The Fragrance

It features yuzu, neroli, and aromatic herbs balancing the light, citrus notes with the depth of the florals. On the Beach perfectly captures the spontaneity of a cologne and the sophistication of a perfume all while keeping with the care-free and passionate vibe of the West Coast.

“on the beach charms with the brightness of day, awaits the wave, and lingers with the softness of sun-warmed sand against the skin”

Louis vuitton

Louis Vuitton x Alex Israel

The bottle, packaging and accessories (a surfboard and new fragrance trunk) for On the Beach were all designed by Israel. Inspired by his hometown of L.A., influences from Hollywood fantasy, old-world European and Hispanic tones and technological vanguardism are visible in this creation with Louis Vuitton.

On the Beach Trunk Louis Vuitton
photo: louis vuitton

One of Israel’s famous contemporary gradient pieces can be seen all over the collection. Having taken his inspiration from the oceanfront facades in L.A. and the relationship between the sun and sea. It’s a perfect fit with Belletrud’s concept for the cologne perfume.

To celebrate the launch of On the Beach, Louis Vuitton and Israel created an animated film which allows readers to experience the new fragrance in a fun and playful way. The cartoon features an animated Eiza González, a surfer girl going to catch some waves on her LV surfboard. Sounds like fun right?

The animation captures that relaxed, care-free West Coast vibe. The characters live in a world where Sunday mornings are for catching a wave, blading down the boardwalk, or cruising in your convertible down the Pacific Coast Highway. All I can say is: I want in!

Eiza González Louis Vuitton
eiza gonzález, photo provided by louis vuitton

On the Beach joins the four other scents in the West Coast radiant collection. The full range of cologne perfumes consists of: Sun Song, Cactus Garden, Afternoon Swim, California Dream and On the Beach. The collection is available at Louis Vuitton’s online store as well as at select locations.

Shop Link: https://ca.louisvuitton.com/eng-ca/products/on-the-beach-nvprod2810117v#LP0226

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