Millennials & Tech: Why Are They Obsessed with Online Review Websites

If you’re a millennial, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed to own it. Not so long ago, people would roll their eyes whenever the term was mentioned as if it offended them to hear about people born in the 80s and 90s. Today, millennials are taking the world. Goldman Sachs says that there are 30 million more millennials than Gen Xers and 14 million more than Baby Boomers. The group’s influence on societal trends is enormous, and this is best seen through the lens of online review websites since 80% never buy anything without reading a review first. Tech is no different, which begs the question: “why?”  

Market Saturation

Whether you’re a millennial or trying to understand them, it’s tempting to assume that the group is tech-savvy. After all, they were born into an increasingly technological world and have used mobile devices since they were kids. Still, the advancement of tech means that even millennials can’t keep up with the latest releases. The online casino industry is a prime example. According to The Game Haus, the online sector in Canada generates around $31 billion in gross revenue per year, and it does it by releasing new games and platforms for players to sample. It’s estimated that around 76% of Canadian adults participate in online gambling, which shows the strategy’s effectiveness. Therefore, review sites such as Slotss are essential as they go through some of the best online casino games’ critical features, allowing users to decide which title, and therefore, which platform to choose. The site has information on numerous slot games, highlighting the need for gamblers to check out reviews before playing.

People Vs. Brands

You could say that millennials are a skeptical bunch. They don’t trust brands like consumers used to do, preferring to eye them suspiciously before making a judgement call. This isn’t too far from the truth because it’s tough to pick a brand to trust when there are so many options. Thankfully, online review sites clear the air as the recommendations come from reliable, unbiased third-parties. As Forbes states, 97% of millennials read reviews during the buying process, and 89% believe them to be accurate. BrightLocal goes further as its study reveals that 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends or family. Millennials use people to sort strong brands from the weak.

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Tech Familiarity

Millennials are familiar with technology. In Canada, the average screen time for the demographic is between three and four hours. However, millennials don’t while away the hours doing nothing. Instead, they leverage smartphones and mobile devices to help them make purchasing decisions. For example, 90% of shoppers mix shopping in-store with their phones, for information such as researching products and services before heading to the checkout. This shows that millennials lean on reviews in places you wouldn’t expect them to, such as physical shops and stores.

With so many options for millennials, they need online reviews to help them make informed decisions. As a result, they are incredibly familiar with review sites and trust them implicitly.


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