Motionball 2021: Tips to Create Luxury Without the Crowd

>Can an event really exist without the venue, food, music and crowd? Well motionball kicked off gala season this year answering that question with a hell ya. Although we all miss the Toronto event scene, we have to make the most of what we’ve got this year. 2021 WILL be better than 2020, but until we’re all allowed to gather again, creating luxury without the crowd is our best bet.

What is the Motionball Gala?

Motionball is a national not-for-profit organization whose mission is to introduce the next generation of donors, volunteers and sponsors to the Special Olympics movement through integrated social and sporting events – aka their iconic, annual gala! Since 2002, they have raised over $14M for the Special Olympics Canada Foundation. 

The motionball gala is typically hosted at The Liberty Grand with over 2500 people in attendance. This year the event was hosted virtually by CityTV’s Devo Brown. To make the online event even better, VIP tickets included a delicious three course meal by local catering company, Peter and Pauls.

Catering from Peter and paul’s Shot by Patrick concepcion

Turning Virtual into Luxury

“Virtual just isn’t the same” yeah yeah we’ve heard the excuses! Virtual won’t be the same if you sit on your couch in PJs eating a bag of candy! You have to commit to creating the gala VIBE and elevating your at home gala experience will be easy if you follow some of our tips.

Build up Excitement

In order to get excited for the gala, I made sure to follow motionball’s Instagram and watch videos from last year’s event. If you’re feeling bogged down about an event being virtual this year, try developing a relationship online with some other people who are following and posting on the event’s social accounts!

Enjoy the “Getting Ready” Process

Savor every moment of getting ready. From moisturizing your skin to shaving or putting makeup on to adding perfume, treat the getting ready process as you would an in-person event.

Acting associate ediotr phyllis scully shot by patrick concepcion

Dress the Part

Just because you’re not going to a venue, doesn’t mean you should wear sweatpants! We all know half the fun of events is getting to dress up and see your friends dressed to the nines. Dressing the part will create the luxurious feeling we’re all missing right now. *Que nostalgia*

Have a Feast

If the virtual event you’re attending has a catering option, order it! Having food catered by Peter and Paul’s made the evening feel extra special (while also supporting a local business). Trying all of the food at the venue is one of the best parts of an evening so it’s easy to feel like you’re back at an event when you’re digging in to a feast!

Grab the Camera

Time for a photoshoot! Don’t let your hard work go to waste; grab the camera and show off your virtual gala look and feast! One day we’ll be back on the dance floor having our picture taken but for now, make the most of the evening with your own camera.


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