Need A New Hand Soap? These Ones Are Our Faves

>With the number of times we’ve washed our hands over the past year and a half, it’s safe to say that every household is going through hand soap like CRAZY. Of course, there is an incredibly wide selection in pretty much every store you go into but like everything, some are definitely better than others. Do yourself (and your hands) a favour and pick a hand soap that obviously smells nice but won’t leave your hands feeling dry and uncared for. Below you’ll find a variety of different hand soaps that vary in price, texture, and scent.

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Live Clean Aloe & Agave Foaming Hand Wash

buy now | $5.79

I love a foaming hand soap. It’s so nice to dispense soap and feel that it’s already lathered and working its magic. This one from Live Clean is rich and creamy but also chemical free and contains no harsh chemicals. The scent is absolutely wonderful — it’s fresh and the addition of aloe means your paws will feel nourished.

esop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash

buy now | $51

If you’re looking to spend a bit extra, you’ll want to reach for the Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash. This hand soap cleanses the hands thoroughly but also adds moisture back in which is essential since we’re washing our hands more now than probably ever. The scent is so unique — the blend of cedar, rosemary leaf and mandarin rind is so fresh and lovely that you’ll truly look forward to washing your hands!

Le Labo Hand Soap

buy now | $30

A great mid-priced hand soap option is this one from Le Labo. The plant-based formula is made with sea buckthorn which is an antioxidant and rosemary leaf which works to soothe the skin. What’s more is that the woodsy and beachy Hinoki scent is gender neutral as well!

Jo Malone London Peony & Blush Suede Body & Hand Wash

buy now | $58

Another splurge option is this hand & body wash from Jo Malone London. The brand is known for its irresistible scents and this peony and blush suede scent smells even better than you’d think possible. This soap gently cleanses and leaves behind a light fragrance that’s reminiscent of red apples and gorgeous florals.

Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender Clean Day Hand Soap

buy now | $6

Save big without sacrificing quality when you wash your hands with Mrs. Meyer’s. The notable clean and natural brand uses only the best ingredients and blend of essential oils. The soap is available in a variety of unique scents but my top fave is lavender which is tranquillizing and so relaxing.

telier Cologne Orange Sanguine Soap

buy now | $25

If bar soap is more your jam, put down the generic one and treat yourself with this baby from Atelier Cologne. In addition to being French-milled, this soap is made with aloe and shea butter to ensure your hands are taken care of the right way. After a nice lather, your mitts will be left with a delicate citrusy and sandalwood fragrance. What’s not to love?

Kōv Hand Wash

buy now |$29

Last but certainly not least is this Kōv Hand Wash that’ll look amazing on your bathroom vanity. Looks aside, this hand wash is formulated with wild black spruce and giant kelp which contributes to a soft lather that’s hydrating and nourishing. Even better is that this brand is Canadian from BC and uses only the highest-quality natural ingredients. No preservatives or filler here!

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