Nordstrom Canada’s Bar Verde Goes Digital: Now on Doordash–and IG

Some of you might be thinking…it’s about time. While others are just ecstatic that they’re there at all. Surprising? Not at all. Our thoughts…? This goes to show that Nordstrom doesn’t just make a decision on a whim, or do things without really thinking things through… after all, we know what happened to an American retailer that didn’t quite do so well when racing into the Canadian marketplace.

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Nonetheless, Nordstrom continues make moves to cultivate their brand, adapt to the Canadian market and put a big focus on digital. Having launched their platform just after the pandemic took off–one-year ago, as of yesterday. Utilizing their stores as distribution centres to allow them to keep their staff employed and continue to serve their customers remotely. To earlier this month launching a virtual styling services, digital has clearly become a focus for Nordstrom–and now digitizing their grub department.

Nordstrom’s Bar Verde Now Available on DoorDash

If you’ve ever shopped at Nordstrom, you know that their restaurant concepts are no joke. They’re no McD’s in the back corner of a Walmart type experience. Nordstrom does things right. I mean, did you know their newly owned NYC location opened with not one, not two, but 4 restaurant concepts and 2 bars. 2 of which are with celebrated chefs have become highly rated–which for NYC is a big deal. Yup, but their Bar Verde and Bazille concepts just quite as good. Okay, they’re by no means a fancy dining experience. But it’s comfortable, delicious, well priced and damn, do you know anywhere else that served doubles for less than $10? Yup. So we can’t WAIT to be back to shopping with our bubbly glasses through their wide-set isles. But for now, we’ll take their signature lobster bisque with a cheesy crostini, well-portioned sesame chicken salad, or even their house-made from scratch, mushroom and chicken campanelle pasta from home ANY DAY!

So kudos to Nordstrom for taking the plunge and finally joining the third-party delivery platform world to satisfy our tastebuds from home.

Check our the Toronto Eaton Centre Nordstrom Bar Verde on Doordash here.

Now on Instagram too

As if Nordstrom’s Bar Verde being now on Doordash isn’t enough, our team caught that they are now also on Instagram too. Not just Bar Verde, but all of their concepts represented in one profile (including Yorkdale and Sherway Garden’s Bazille concept too). A great way to keep up with whatever new pasta they introduce into the mix and more.

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Photos: Courtesy of Nordstrom

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