Quarantine Chronicles: Naimark Law Launches Uber Campaign in an Effort to Support Essential Workers

>I’m Ryan Naimark, founder of Naimark Law Firm. Naimark is a multi-language law firm that provides legal services to cities in the GTA, and what makes our team unique is that all of our lawyers have previously defended insurance companies before switching to plaintiff-side personal injury law. The reason I stopped practicing insurance defence and switched to plaintiff-side personal injury law is because I wanted to make a real difference in someone else’s life. In changing paths, I’m now able to help individuals fight against the big insurance companies to receive the compensation they deserve.

Many of the clients that seek our help are individuals who are suffering either physically and/or mentally. One accident can completely change the course of someone’s life because suddenly, they cannot work and they need help taking care of themselves and their families.

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It’s hard to imagine that we’ve recently surpassed one year since the COVID-19 pandemic began and changed the lives of Canadians. From government lockdowns to new restrictions, there is no doubt that our daily lives have been impacted in a number of ways throughout the pandemic. 

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The toll that the pandemic has taken on front-line workers and those who are suffering from mental health, in particular, is significant. We at Naimark Law Firm have seen this impact our industry first hand in a sobering way that many people may not realize. Last September, I shared our experiences widely speaking with Newstalk1010 and Law Times on the psychological impact the pandemic has had on many Canadians and their anxiety and stress levels. We noticed a sharp rise in psychological impairment claims, and more severe motor vehicle accidents, as a result of drivers getting behind the wheel while experiencing heightened feelings of anxiety or depression. 

For many essential workers and people struggling with mental health, staying home has not been an option within the past year. Additionally, many people who regularly receive treatment from either a psychiatrist or psychologist, have also struggled during this time with changes or delays in treatment. The impact of the pandemic, in relation to motor vehicle accidents, has also not been restricted to psychological impairment and has affected many people beyond that, producing more significant injuries for drivers in general. With the lockdowns and work-from-home orders, there have been fewer cars on the road, which means cars have had more room to travel at a faster speed. When accidents happen in the open road, as opposed to bumper-to-bumper traffic, the injuries end up being more serious, and we’ve also seen a spike in accidents caused by stunt driving in tandem with this. 

Seeing these trends, and the toll the pandemic has taken both physically and mentally, our firm wanted to lend our support in an effort to reduce motor vehicle accidents that were taking place during the pandemic. For the month of March, we launched our Uber campaign that provided free rides within the GTA for those who are required to leave the house for essential work, medical appointments or those that were struggling with their mental health and would benefit from not getting behind the wheel. We started this initiative with the goal of helping to ease some of the stress that comes with getting behind the wheel during these difficult times. 

We were thrilled to see the program help out frontline workers and people suffering from mental health, with hundreds of rides being redeemed across the GTA throughout the month. 

Naimark Law Firm is proud to support our clients and residents across the Greater Toronto Area, in any way that we can. For more information about Naimark Law Firm and our services, please visit us at NaimarkLaw.com.

Written by: Ryan Naimark

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