Sam’s Place: The Best ‘Sam’wiches in Town

As we travelled through Peterborough and the Kawarthas, we asked business owners along the way what other businesses they’d recommend that we visit. It quickly became apparent that locals loved Sam’s Place in Peterborough.

Located in downtown Peterborough, Sam’s Place offers hungry guests a variety of sandwiches. We walked up to the takeout window to try some for ourselves, and we can say it lived up to the catchphrase “the best samwhiches in town!”

Their diverse menu features breakfast-style sandwiches, vegetarian options, and a huge selection of classics and Sam’s Place specialties. Asking other business owners in the area about their recommendation for Sam’s Place led to rave reviews of not only the sandwiches, but owner Sam Sayer herself, and the passion she’s put into her business. At Sam’s Place, all of their meat is smoked, cured, and prepared in-house, and all their bread is locally sourced from the great bakeries in the area. Once you taste them, that attention to detail shows in their delicious sandwiches. After our visit, we spoke to Sayer about her business, and what it means to be along the Trent-Severn Waterway.

What makes ‘Sam’s Place Deli’ special?

Our business is a unique hybrid of a traditional deli and a restaurant. All of our meat is smoked, cured, and prepared in-house, and we offer all of the classic deli sandwiches as well as our own gourmet sandwich creations. In addition to our house-made meats, we offer a variety of fresh salads and soups, and an always-changing rotation of daily special. 

What makes Peterborough special?

Aside from the fact that Peterborough is my home town, it has a very vibrant downtown. Peterborough has an active and attractive arts community, as well as being a prominent tourist destination due to the popular surrounding cottage country, and the world-renowned Kawarthas.

What can someone expect when they visit Sam’s Place Deli?

A delicious and unbelievable comfort Samwich experience. 

What does being along the Trent-Severn mean to you and your business?

With the Trent-Severn Waterway being so important to the history of this region, it attracts people from across Canada and the world, making our customers wonderfully culturally diverse.

What’s one other business or experience you’d recommend in the region?

Visit as many of the downtown restaurants as you can, and maybe take a trip to see the lift locks; you’ll never forget either experience. 

Whether you’re a hungry traveller or a local, Sam’s Place is a can’t miss stop along the Trent-Severn Waterway. Grab a samwhich to enjoy by the water – you’ll be glad you did!

Sam’s Place Deli is located at 188 Hunter St. W, Peterborough. 

They’re open for patio dining and take-out.

Please check their website for details.

Taste of the Trent Severn

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