Sephora Canada Launches Lunar New Year Campaign Featuring Canadian Influencers

Sephora Canada is back with the 5th iteration of its Lunar New Year campaign and this year, the campaign features Asian-Canadian collaborators, Brigitte Truong and Angel Zheng. Both influencers are honoured to have a platform to be able to represent the East-Asian community during such a memorable time. 2021 is the year of the Ox which symbolizes hard work, positivity, and honesty. Canada is known for its large East-Asian community and it’s so cool to see our own local talent being celebrated. This meaningful campaign means that more light can be shed on what this traditional holiday is all about. Sephora Canada also has multiple Lunar New Year-inspired products available to shop online and in-stores that are open across the country. You can find limited-edition Lunar New Year-inspired products from brands like Dyson, Charlotte Tilbury, and Laneige can be found amongst the many items.


“Lunar New Year is a key celebration for many of our clients and we are thrilled to evolve and grow this year’s campaign as part of our ongoing commitment to authentic representation of Canadian diversity,” says Deborah Neff, SEPHORA Canada’s Senior Vice President of Marketing in a release. “We hope this campaign inspires our clients to share their Lunar New Year traditions as they celebrate in Canada.”

Photo: Sephora Canada


Canadian influencer, Brigitte Truong is based here in Toronto and is proud to call herself a “first-generation Canadian” who is forever grateful for her upbringing and cultural tradition. She appears in the campaign with her beautiful mother, Michelle which emphasizes the importance of celebrating family ties during the Lunar New Year, while also highlighting the beauty of East-Asian women at every age.


Truong shares, “Growing up a first-generation Canadian, my parents ensured that cultural traditions were carried through as often as possible, especially on Lunar New Year. As I get older, I appreciate my roots and traditions even more, and to have them acknowledged as part of SEPHORA Canada’s Lunar New Year Campaign with my mom by my side, is an opportunity I never thought possible. I can’t begin to express how honoured and excited I am to have the images of mom and I all glammed up in SEPHORA Canada’s stores across the country, and to represent where we come from. I hope this campaign inspires those who celebrate to be just as proud of who they are.” 


Angel Zheng is a Vancouver based influencer who says that “seeing iconic companies like SEPHORA Canada represent our culture so beautifully each year motivates me to tie in more of my traditions and beliefs into my content.” According to Fashion Magazine, cosmetic shopping is not a cultural method of celebration but to Zheng, it’s always been a tradition for her and her mom. They would go on to hunt for red coloured beauty products at Sephora and other makeup carriers. Her passion for her culture and love for cosmetics has made her contribution to this Sephora campaign all the more special. 

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