Still No Rules From The City As We Near High Park’s Cherry Blossom Season

>Spring really has arrived- it’s nearly the beautiful blooming season for High Park’s cherry blossom trees! These gorgeous trees only have their flowers on display for about one week each spring so getting the chance to witness them is quite a magical experience. Every year that the buds are able to bloom, thousands of people from all over the province flock to the park for their chance to see the stunning pink flowers and take their photos. Well, every year but last thanks to the pandemic, and possibly not this year again.

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Will We Virtually Watch High Park’s Cherry Blossom Bloom?

Due to the high volume of people who normally pack themselves into High Park to get a glimpse of the cherry blossoms, we were not able to view the trees in person last year. In an effort to combat the pandemic spread, we were limited to a live stream of the blooming season. Things might not look much different this year, but we have still yet to hear any rules or plans regarding High Park’s cherry blossom season, despite the bloom being just about a month away. Steve Joniak, a Torontonian Sakura tree expert behind, predicts the bloom will occur between the last week of April and the first week of May.

After missing out on so many events and being cooped up indoors all year, it would be very nice to be able to see the cherry blossom trees in person this year. That being said, the city of Toronto has still cancelled all major events until July 1. Fingers crossed that the city is able to find a safe way for all of us to be able to witness the magnificent trees in their full glory this year.

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