Streetwear Marketplace StockX Launches in Canada—Just in time for Lockdown

Exciting news for fans who are to looking to get their hands on some of the luxury brands favourites; StockX is officially in Canada with its first authentication centre in Toronto! The online marketplace is based in Detroit, USA and is well-known for reselling sneakers, handbags and other collectibles from top brands including Supreme, Nike and others.

The physical StockX store will allow Canadians to have an increased access to local supply, reduced shipping fees and faster shipping. The company will also be introducing All-In-Pricing in Canada, which means Canadian buyers will be matched with Canadian sellers. This will lead to a significant reduction in import duty fees.


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The All-In-Pricing feature also means carriers will include all applicable duties in the listed item’s original pricing, thereby preventing  surprise “at the door” charges.

The company will also roll out StockX Excursions: Toronto, a new concept that celebrates the people, and brands that have shaped the current sneaker and streetwear culture. Digital and in-person events are set to take place at the Excursions launch, like panel discussions creators and influencers and release of products with notable Canadian brands. Local StockX customers will also be able to avail promotional offers and giveaways. You can access the inaugural activation event here.

The authentication centre in Toronto is one of three new locations to be launched this quarter.


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