Summer Fashion To Buy That’ll Help You Beat The Heat

We all know how freaking hot and steamy it can get in TO during the summer months and since it’s frowned-upon to leave the house half-naked, one can’t help but beg the question: what the heck are we supposed to wear?! If you struggle with staying cool while staying dressed come summer, then keep on reading because I’ve done the hard work for you by rounding up all the summer fashion that’ll help you beat the heat and humidity. From breathable bike shorts to flowy caftans, you’ll look and feel cool in all of it!

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Uniqlo AIRism Soft Biker Shorts

photo: uniqlobuy now | $29

This summer is set to become the summer of the bike short but don’t step into just any pair. To keep extra cool, get your hands on these AIRism ones from Uniqlo. They’re made with quick-drying and Cool-Touch features that will help you get through any activity without overheating and dripping sweat.

Reformation Cliff Linen Dress

photo:reformationbuy now | $175

One of the best fabrics you can wear during the hot summer months is linen. While the fabric is known for how quickly it wrinkles, it’s worth the hassle because it’s incredibly breathable and lightweight. This dress from Reformation is exactly that, plus it’s sustainable and super stylish.

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Everlane Track Sweatshorts

photo: everlanebuy now | $56

Whoever invented the sweatshort honestly deserves a medal and plaque dedicated to their genius. These sweatshorts from Everlane are amazing because you just can’t wear hot sweatpants when it’s humid outside and it’s these babies that come to the rescue. They’re made from 100% cotton and are unisex so everyone can enjoy and stay comfy!

Club Monaco Marnee Shirt

photo: club monacobuy now | $149

If you have to wear a long sleeve shirt this season, at least make sure it’s a breathable one that’s obviously stylish. This option from Club Monaco comes in a variety of colours and is made from sustainable 100% cotton. It has a relaxed fit and you can style it over top of a swimsuit or pair it with denim shorts and a hat for a fashionable look to wear to the farmer’s market!

Cotton Canvas Sun Hat

photo: h&mbuy now | $19

Even if you religiously apply sunscreen year-round, a sun hat in the summer is crucial if you want to protect your face and neck from sun damage. This canvas sun hat from H&M is made from cotton that’ll help keep your head cool while offering necessary protection. The frayed edge is super trendy these days and you just can’t beat the price!

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