The Perfect At-Home Date: A Sensorial Wine Night-In — a ‘Tasting Reimagined’

This one-of-a-kind multi-sensory wine tasting is the perfect way to do something special, with a special someone, from the comfort of your home. Principle Fine Wines’ unique virtually led ‘Tasting Reimagined’ wine tasting of ‘The Prisoner’ wine, will lead you to truly allow your senses to come alive!


While taking a trip to a new wine destination for an afternoon of tastings right now isn’t doable, that doesn’t mean we can’t have an EPIC wine experience right? Principle Fine Wines has  done just that… and created the perfect night-in activity: ‘Tasting Reimagined.’ A virtual wine tasting experience that we all never knew we needed… until now. This unique tasting experience will, quite literally, tickle your senses–and we mean all of them. Just download the BevAR app and follow along the guided sensorial experience, that will have you looking, tasting, smelling, and even feeling wine…in a whole new way. Yes, we just said, feeling.

The ‘Tasting Reimagined’ experience allows you and whomever you decide to share it with, to explore how sound, sight and touch affects your perception of The Prisoner wine’s aromas and flavours. The tasting uses different pieces of music and sounds as well as textures and materials to entice your senses to experience the wine in a different way with every sip. It’s WILD how the taste and smell of The Prisoner changes as your other senses are being stimulated in unconventional ways. Anyone can do it, all you need is the free BevAR app, a bottle of The Prisoner wine, a few household items, and a friend to share in the experience!

The Prisoner Wine Principle Fine Wines Steven Branco
Caption: Our Editorial Director, Steven Branco, set out to experience this new way of enjoying wine from afar, virtually, with his bestie Jenan Nasser. (Photo: Steven Branco for STAMINA)

The 15-minute tasting engages each of your senses separately to bring out different aromas and flavours in the wine. Before you start, remember those household items we mentioned? You’ll need to collect a series of materials from around your home for the best sensory experience possible. These items include: a blindfold, something silky (a blouse or scarf), something soft (fleece or velvet), something denim, and something coarse or rough (burlap or woven straw). You’ll need the blindfold throughout the experience, and the other materials for the Touch segment. 

The Prisoner Wine Principle Fine Wines Steven Branco
Caption: Jenan seen here holding up the Tasting Reimagined fabric swatches, wearing her blindfold before they get started. (Photo: Steven Branco for STAMINA)

Once you’ve collected all your items, open the BevAR app, scan The Prisoner wine label and let your senses come to life! This unique experience is one you’ll want to share; whether you are a wine lover or not, try it! You won’t be disappointed. 

It’s the perfect virtual activity to do with your friends or significant other; we know how hard it can be to feel connected these days, that’s why we love this one-of-a-kind event! You can experience it together, and still stay safely in the comfort of your home. 

The Prisoner Wine Principle Fine Wines Steven Branco Tasting Reimagined BevAR App
Photo: Steven Branco for STAMINA

The Prisoner wine features alluring aromas of Bing cherry, dark chocolate, clove, and roasted fig. With flavours of ripe raspberry, boysenberry, pomegranate and vanilla, The Prisoner has a smooth and lucious finish. Don’t take our word for it though. Let your senses experience the flavour with ‘Tasting Reimagined’ before it’s too late!

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